Winding Road Reviews the 2013 Lexus LS 460L AWD

2013 Lexus LS 460L AWD

Winding Road has reviewed the 2013 Lexus LS 460L, and describe it as the “ultimate comfort” in flagship sedans.

(They praise the interior in particular for quietness and craftsmanship that’s “decidedly warmer and more personable than the competition.”)

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  1. this car is my favorite, i'll get one again for the 4th time in another 6 years
  2. Disappointed that the LS didn't get at least 400HP in this refresh. People buy HP. I think Lexus has done a better job than BMW and Audi of adding a corporate grille, but giving each car it's own style. An Audi A4/A6/A8 have virtually no differences other than length, it's just one ultra-generic design theme I expect a full redesign to arrive at the 2015 Detroit International Auto Show BD
    • I would hope most people don't buy solely on HP.  For the price, the LS remains an amazing total package - nice engine, decent economy (esp. on the highway), great interior, and the Mark Levinson stereo is a beast.  Plus reliability isn't in question and the Lexus dealership experience is always top-notch.  I'll probably test drive the A8 again when my lease is up because it's a compelling car on paper, but I'm just not into the styling.
    • A8 styling is extra lame. All I'm saying is the Germans have all added HP for one good reason.   Because it matters. BD
  3. It's worth noting that the LS460 is returning to the UK market with the updated LS. I do wish Lexus would bring in lower spec LS hybrids.  The LS600h here is fully specced out which makes them very expensive cars.  Especially if you are comparing them to the cheapest BMW 7 or Merc S Class for chauffeur duties.  The lack of progress on the engine / fuel economy / atkinson cycle / battery / trunk front is my biggest disappointment with the 600h car.  They did so well with the GS450h and then made no effort on the LS600h.  I can only assume the engineering cost wasn't worth it because they sell so few. If the LS600h F-Sport comes standard with rear electric seats and air conditioning I think I'll cry.
  4. Yesterday I saw on a notice that there will be a LS 300h and a LS 350. Only for a few hours. I think we will see new engine options in the next months.
    • The ES300h engine won't move that barge, so they better have another trick up their sleeve. The 300HP 3.5 V6 I can see, but in Europe it produces 330HP in some models If they were going to release those soon, it would've come out in the summer press release.  The 2015 model having those options wouldn't surprise me. BD
    • Maybe it won't be the 300h of the ES? Maybe a new 6 cyl hybrid power train with a 2,5L? Think about the comments of Lexus managers concerning that there will be no 4 cyl power train in a GS line up ... Maybe this new engine could be available in the GS, LS, and RX?
    • The GS 350h engine I can see.   Add a couple of hundred pounds, and it would still get well over 25 MPG combined, and be faster than a S400 Hybrid BD
  5. Anyone saw the LS400 listed as the Top 50 Greatest cars of all time ?