Video: Lexus LF-CC Designers Discuss the New Concept

Lexus has released a new video with LF-CC designers Takeshi Tanabe and Hidaeki Iida talking about their latest creation:

The words used to explain the LF-CC — intriguing elegance, contrast, traction, progressive luxury — feel like an authentic description of the concept, and would appear to reflect an increased comfort & confidence with the new Lexus design language.

One image that stands out in the video is this top-down shot of the LF-CC front:

Lexus LF-CC Hood Top Down

The sharp fangs, the sweeping lines and curves all bending into the L badge — not to be pretentious, but there’s a drama and tension that’s very intimidating. The entire Lexus design team should be proud — they really have created something amazing.


  1. Now let's see how much of this translates into the production vehicle. That is where the biggest disconnect shines through from Lexus. Is it economics? Highly doubtful. My bet is they have some really old or aging decision makers who's taste belongs in the 80's-90's. 
    • Just going from the most recent concepts: * The LF-Xh was an amazing concept, and was certainly watered down with the production RX.  * The LF-Ch and CT 200h are about equal with me -- the LF-Ch was just too complicated. * Like the production GS much more than the LF-Gh concept. * Like the production LFA more than the concepts.
    • Except the LFA, most of those concepts were probably made after the production designs were frozen and aren't really watered down but rather radicalized. It seems that it was the other way around, as it is for the LF-CC.
    • You're right -- it's confirmed that the LF-Ch was in fact built after the CT was designed: I'm sure that was also the case with the LF-Gh, and also likely with the LF-Xh. I think the trick with the LF-CC, and I just wrote about it this evening, is that it's two models mixed together -- the IS sedan and the GS coupe -- so it's taking the best of both designs. Just guessing, of course.
  2. I agree - Lexus - if you are listening ..... this portrayal MUST translate into the next IS if Lexus is to go in the direction established in this concept - I think it is superb - so come on, let's see it as a reality - why waste such a great concept into a watered down version - be bold, be real!!!
    • My thoughts: * There's going to be the standard Lexus headlights, obviously. * Full, normal bumper, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was blacked out like the LS. * No rear wheel intakes, but I think the line that strikes through the wheel will remain. * The rear will most certainly be reworked significantly.
  3. I have always liked the way Lexus makes kind of understated looking cars. This concept is not, but the design is spot on and fits a coupe-IS very well. I hope most of this translates to the IS-sedan as is, plus a few doors ofcourse.
    • Agree completely -- I'm the rare exception that seems to like production models more than the concepts, but this LF-CC is top-notch. Perfectly suits the next-gen IS.
  4. Krew, do you think the production version of the LF-CC will yield both a IS sedan and coupe at the same time OR will the sedan come first and the coupe receive a staggered introduction in one years time like BMW does with their 3 Series model?  I for one hope its a simultaneous offering with coupe & sedan in summer 2013 (just in time for the 3/4 series coupe).  Please let us know your thoughts.  Thanks in advance.  
    • I've put together some ideas about this here: Unfortunately, my theories would suggest that there's going to be a wait for both the GS and IS coupe, and the GS coupe will come first. Even if I'm wrong, I have serious doubts that there will be an IS coupe next year, and certainly not as a simultaneous launch with the sedan.