Lexus GS Accessories from Japan

While doing some research on the Lexus Japan website, I stumbled onto an extensive selection of JDM accessories for the fourth-generation GS — here’s the full collection:

GS F SPORT Trunk Spoiler

Lexus GS F SPORT Trunk Spoiler

GS F SPORT Floor Mats

Lexus GS F SPORT Floormats

Premium Carpet Floor Mats

Premium Lexus GS Floor Mats

Illuminated Door Sills

Lexus GS Illuminated Door Sills


Lexus GS Sunshade

Folding Seat Clothes Hanger

Seat Hanger

LED Ashtray & Standard Ashtrays

Lexus GS Ashtrays

Cargo Net & Carpet Mat with Anti-Bacterial Deodorant

Lexus GS Trunk Mats

Rubber Trunk Mat

Lexus GS Rubber Floor Mat

LED Foglamps (Blue during the day, white at night)

Lexus GS LED Foglights

Parking Guide with LED Light

Lexus GS Parking Assist

Window & Door Guards

Color-Coded License Plate Frame

Lexus License Plate Colored

Metal License Plate Frame

Lexus GS License Plate Frame

18″ 10-Spoke Wheels & Color-Coded Mud Guards

Lexus GS Wheels & Mudguards

Baby Seats, Remote Starter & Snow Chains

Lexus GS Baby Seats Remote Starter and Snow Chains

It would be easy to be envious of this wide assortment of accessories, but let’s do some Yen-to-USD conversions to put things in perspective:

  • F SPORT Floor Mats: ¥90,300 = $1,154 USD
  • Sunshade: ¥21,000 = $268 USD
  • LED Foglamps: ¥94,500 = $1,208 USD
  • Baby Car Seat: ¥60,900 = $778 USD

(Comparing currencies is more complicated than a simple direct conversion can show, but make no mistake, Japanese consumers pay dearly for the privilege.)

[Source: Lexus Japan]

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  • M
    Mohammed Taha
  • September 11, 2012
Those accessories are pretty nice. Like the first 10 spoke rims and the fog lights but what are those parking guides?
    They're from the pre-parking sensor era. aha They simply pop up to let you know where the edge of the car is. It's still helpful for those who are used to it, especially the many Japanese drivers in the tight streets of Japan!
    • M
      Mohammed Taha
    • September 12, 2012
    Wow, thanks. It almost looks like you can pop a flag on it and be a diplomat for the day.
    And park ANYWHERE! aha No problem!