Lexus First in J.D. Power’s Japan Initial Quality & Sales Satisfaction Studies

Lexus LS 460

Lexus has topped two separate J.D. Power studies in Japan, scoring first in both Initial Quality and Sales Satisfaction.

The 2012 Japan Initial Quality Study is based on responses from new car owners in the first two to nine months after purchase, and Lexus absolutely dominated:

2013 JD Power Initial Quality Survey

With only 66 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), Lexus owners in Japan had 35.5% fewer problems than the industry average (along with 45% fewer problems than Mercedes owners and 55.7% fewer problems than BMW owners).

The second study was the 2012 Japan Sales Satisfaction Index Study, which measures dealer satisfaction — here were the top results:

2012 JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index Study

Scoring just above Mercedes in sales satisfaction, Lexus buyers were most impressed with the sales process, the facility and the vehicle displays.

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  1. The Germans bottom-feeding, boot-licking...... They pulled a VW BD
    • F1

      The Germans are overrated and overpriced.. I looked at the BMW range and they looks pretty boring.. In comparison with Lexus even the almost 8yrs old IS still looks very nice..