Lexus GS Summer Road Trip

2013 Lexus GS Summer Road Trip

For the last weekend of summer, Lexus Magazine has published the story of my GS 350 road trip from Ottawa to Montreal — not to give too much away, but here’s a couple photos from the photo essay:

Lexus GS at the Canada Aviation Museum

Lexus GS in Montreal

I’ll be posting details on how the GS handled the trip later this week, along with some photos that didn’t make it into the final rotation — until then, head over to Lexus Magazine for the full story!

View my Lexus GS photo essay at Lexus Magazine


  1. Your essay assignments always seem to be a lot of fun!
    • Definitely fun, and definitely hard work. This assignment might have been the most challenging project I've had since starting work with Lexus Magazine.
  2. Amazing photography!You've got one sharp eye Kevin!
  3. You took a pic just doors away from my old place in Old Montreal.
    • My wife and I lived in Montreal for a year back in the early 2000's, and I always dreamed of going back to Old Montreal for a Lexus photoshoot -- glad I had the opportunity.
  4. Nice car & nice country - want to go to Canada now! You should get together with the Canadian Tourist Board..
  5. Nice article ... I would gladly do the same thing here in the UAE. With the new IS though .. The pictures in this article brought back memories of Canada.
  6. looked like a lot of fun, but Montreal and bagels?  Never knew of Montreal and bagels had history...  
  7. Your photos are simply amazing and capture both scenery and car in fantastic light.  Wondering if you could please make the photo of the GS in Old Montreal a wallpaper? Pretty please?