Interview with Lexus IS F Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi

Lexus IS F CCS-R

A crew from Club Lexus attended the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb earlier this month, and had a chance to chat with IS F Chief Engineer, Yukihiko Yaguchi, about the future of the Lexus F brand.

(Most interesting: Yaguchi-san plans to be involved in all future F models.)

Read the Club Lexus interview with CE Yaguchi


  1. Very exciting times ahead for sure.As a matter of fact,I reluctant to go for any models currently being offered,because I know they are going to be "that good" that they'll be well worth the wait!(I'll only wait for so long though!)
  2. Awesome..!!! Can't wait to see what the CE has planned for the next Lexus "F" model..!! ~ Joe Z