TOM’S Developing New Lexus RX Body Kit

Official Lexus tuner TOM’S has started work on a new aero kit for the 2013 RX — here’s a “sketch” of the expected end result:

2013 Lexus RX with TOM's Body Kit

Surprising that TOM’s chose to focus the standard RX rather than the F SPORT edition, but according to the company blog, this decision was made in order to reach a larger audience. Regardless, I’m liking it much better than the previous RX kit.

TOM’S is aiming for release of the RX aero kit later this year.

[Source: TOM’s Blog]


  1. Hmmm , F-Sport still looks better IMO .
  2. This is garbage, F-Sport looks waaayy better, sleeker, more performance oriented. This makes TOM look like an amateur in the field.
  3. This body kit flows nicely compared to the previous one they did for the pre-facelift RX. It's a good alternative for the people with the non-F-Sport RXs.
  4. Lexus' updated L-finesse has pretty much deemed the aftermarket changes useless! The GS F Sport looks the sharpest without an added front lip spoiler!
  5. I'm sorry for asking? What is TOM'S? 
  6. hahahaha....tom's is somekind of traditional food in Papua New Guinea
  7. when will it be available in the US.