2013 Lexus IS Lineup Announced

2013 Lexus IS

The 2013 Lexus IS lineup has been announced, with only minimal changes. To start with — all models receive a navigation software update that includes the Enform 2.0 app suite & HD Radio™ with iTunes tagging.

There’s also some model-specific changes, let’s break them down.

2013 Lexus IS 250 & IS 350 Sedan

2013 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT

The only major change for the IS sedan is that the manual transmission IS 250 has been discontinued. Beyond that, pricing has been raised $100 USD — $35,065 for the IS 250 RWD; $37,525 for the IS 250 AWD; $40,320 for the IS 350 RWD and $42,780 for the IS 350 AWD.

2013 Lexus IS 250C & IS 350C

2013 Lexus IS Convertible

The 2013 IS convertible has a couple minor changes:

  • The manual transmission IS 250C has been discontinued,
  • The 18-inch wheel has changed to a split-five spoke design,
  • there’s a new Red leather-trimmed interior color option,
  • the Cerulean Blue exterior color option has been discontinued,
  • and Silver Lining Metallic has replaced Tungsten Pearl.

A full-on F SPORT package is now available for the IS-C, with two exclusive exterior color choices (Ultra White and Ultrasonic Blue Mica) along with the usual color options.

The package also includes: F SPORT 18-inch wheels with dark superchrome finish, badging on steering wheel and exterior, upper and lower grille insert, leather-trimmed interior, steering wheel/shift knob, scuff plate; front lip spoiler; heated and ventilated front seats; and a sport-tuned suspension.

Finally, the 2013 IS-C sees a $150 price increase, with the IS 250C starting at $42,510 and the IS 350C starting at $46,790.

2013 Lexus IS F

2013 Lexus IS F

Only three IS F changes to speak of:

  • Exterior color options have changed, with Ultra White replacing Starfire Pearl & Liquid Platinum replacing Mercury Metallic,
  • All exterior colors receive a scratch-resistant clearcoat,
  • and there’s been some refined suspension tuning.

Exactly how the suspension has been “refined” is unclear from the press release, but this type of minor mechanical adjustment has become an annual event for the IS F.

Last thing — pricing for the 2013 IS F also sees a minor bump of $300, and will have a MSRP of $61,600.

Update: A correction — the IS-C F SPORT package will have two exclusive exterior color choices (Ultra White and Ultrasonic Blue Mica) along with the usual color options.

[Source: My.IS 2013 IS Changes & Lexus Pressroom]


  1. Brave carrying the entry Luxury Sports car for 7(8) years!
    • F1

      Yeah but if you compare a 2006 IS to a 2012 IS you will see that there's quite a significant difference with the exterior and interior design.. Even some features have been updated such as VDIM.. They've managed to keep the design fresh with subtle updates..
    • It's only now that the ES, GS, & LS have been updated that I feel the IS is starting to look --- ummm -- "mature".
  2. When I seen IS news,I automatically assumed that it was news for the 3rd gen IS & not the 2nd gen.
  3.  ^Agree. I hope it's not the lack of innovation. It would be shame if these are the only things Lexus is changing on the IS. The design, while nice when it was first reviled, now has gained some age. If they continue to fix a dead horse, I'll move on.
    • It's guaranteed that Lexus sees the IS as one of its most important models -- if you like the new direction of the L-Finesse design language, I'm sure you'll be impressed with the new model. The big question remains -- will we see new engines?
    • F1

      The IS350 is very good performance wise.. It is very fast from 0-60mph, and it is actually faster than the bigger V6's from other brands such as Infiniti.. As a matter of fact after driving both the ISF & IS350 back to back there was no difference around town, in fact the IS350 was lighter and acceleration felt stronger as a result.. It's only when you get on the highway do you start to see the ISF spread its wings.. The IS350's 2GR-FSE is a more refined engine that's for sure then the bigger V6's.. From infiniti and everyone else.. The IS250 is slow, but no one is expecting it to fly anyway.. But an extra 20-30hp wouldn't hurt.. Or dump the IS250's 4GR-FSE for the 3.0L 3GR-FSE and call it a day..
    • No offense, but I completely disagree.  I have driven both and own an IS F.  When the IS-F is in sport mode and you're accelerating from 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear - it blows away the IS 350..
    • I'm totally disagree on dump the 4GR-FSE , that would be a extremely stupid move that scare more customers away ... like how they did on making IS250 instead of IS200 . Instead of that , made stuff lighter to improve acceleration would be a better choice .
    • I kind of hope they have even different shape taillights on next generation Lexus IS ... I doesn't quite like people complain about "it looks like bla bla bla" again ... as the first & second IS have a good shape taillights before anyone else !
  4. Most changes seem on the IS-C. One could assume that therefore the IS-C model will be replaced at a later stadium then the IS. 
  5. Most changes seem on the IS-C. One could assume that therefore the IS-C model will be replaced at a later stadium then the IS. 
    • Interesting thought -- I can picture a IS sedan & coupe being shown in Detroit, with the convertible & IS F to follow some time later.
    • I can't wait for Detroit ;)  BMW is not different, the new Convertible 3 series still has to be introduced. IS-F would require a lot more testing, and that increases the risk of exposure. 
  6. Save the manuals!
    •  If the next-gen doesn't come with one, I will stick with Infiniti or BMW, as I'll never buy any sports sedan/coupe without three pedals. I'll wait and see if the '14 IS has a stick offered. If not, I'll trade in my '08 G35 for a '14 model next summer/fall.
    • I really really really really really hope they keep the Manual on next generation & even put Manual option on IS-F !
    • Heck yeah. Lexus has turned me off by refusing to offer manuals in their more powerful engines. For said reason, I've stuck with manual BMW 3ers and 5ers for the last 10 years. Is350 would be on the top of my list but no manual no care
  7. Great press photo at the top of the page. The IS has always been a looker! Another manual bites the dust.  It should've been on both models anyway, and the 250 needs another 40HP. Not a good omen for the future..... BD
  8. 3 things the 2014 IS needs to succeed: 1.  Manuals on both the 250 and 350 2.  40HP on the 250 3.  A back seat big enough for adults The 3-series and G37 are having no problems offering, and continuing to offer, manual transmissions. And both continue to EASILY outsell the IS.  I wonder why..... BD
    • Offering a manual option is a fair point -- according to My.IS, the manual first-gen IS 300 accounted for 15% of sales. Bigger back seat is a must.
    • Since Toyota can re-package the Camry with more rear legroom out of same wheelbase , I strongly believe they can do the same on next generation Lexus IS ... as for IS250 , the current 4GR is good for 200hp & 260Nm & the displacement of 2499cc is very good for many country , or maybe Lexus should think about putting L4 into IS , the 2AR , 2494cc meant it's a good low displacement too , although it only have 180hp & 235Nm but it's weights only 147kg even with full fluid & coolant , that would made Lexus IS250 like 40kg lighter (or so) , if Lexus decided to have lighter parts like they did on GS , it might even have 80kg lighter weights . It's a win-win situation , for both Lexus , and potential buyer from country that have displacement tax .
  9. I was waiting to hear and see what they were going to do with this as I have a 08 IS 250 AWD and ready for an upgrade. Kinda disappointed with all the magic that they showed with the GS and LS. I guess I am gonna upgrade to a GS then or maybe something German. -__-
  10. Wha Tha'? I keep waiting and waiting and I really want to replace my '08 IS250. The Infiniti G, Merc C350 and the new 3 have all been tempting. I'm really really trying to wait, but all they seem to do is tweak, tweak, tweak! 
  11. Way to drag it out Lexus!  Though to be fair they have been busy lately. The third generation better be worth the wait!
  12. hmmm more suspension tuning for the ISF. Has anyone ever noticed ever since the reworked ISF came out car reviewers didn't do much comparison with the M3.... o_0
    • Too bad both the IS F & current M3 are so old, we'll likely never see a major magazine comparison of them now.
    • I took notice, and have been looking every since they tuned it in '11 model. Just don't let C&D do it, they make some stupid score for the bimmer to win.
    • Not so , http://lexusenthusiast.com/2011/01/02/2011-lexus-is-f-competes-in-car-drivers-lightning-lap/ 
    • Do you know there's a reviewer that tested the 2011 IS-F & made it run as fast as a 2009 M3 on a Track ? While the older 2008 or so IS-F did 3s or so slower on same track ... that article can be found in this site .
  13. Lexus ... Y U NO HAVE NEW IS ?
  14. Because the IS is lovely as it is. I mean seriously, I still love the way she looks from the first day I got her!
  15. Only if they could get rid of that ugly hump on the IS-F and a 6 speed manual transmission, I would be all over getting one. How I wish!
  16. MT

    I hope this will be the final model year for the current generation. I bet they are going to put the 4GR-FSE in the redesigned again. For another eight years. OMG!
  17. MAH

    I wish they would make the ISC in AWD. Any chance of that?
  18. A correction — the IS-C F SPORT package will have two exclusive exterior color choices (Ultra White and Ultrasonic Blue Mica) along with the usual color options.
  19. Rumor has that the new IS F will come out with a V6 twin turbo. 450hp. I'll trade my 08 IS F then.
  20. I am a bit disappointed, actually. Ever since I bought my second IS back in 2007 I've been waiting for the next generation to come out and buy one. I don't want to wait for another year or two, so I will probably buy the new 335i sedan. Also, the manual transmission in a car like the IS 350 is a must. I was hoping they would go for the performance with the new IS, but no..
  21. So the new 2013 Lexus IS is the same car from 2006? I wanted to buy a lexus and I have waited long enough. I guess I will have to go with the Audi or mercedes now.
  22. I'm confuse by this. It sounds like 2013 is not a redesign but the same as the 2006 - 2012 model. I currently have a 2009 and my lease is up in a month. I wanted to get the ISC and the dealership just told me the 2013 is a redesign and will be out early next year. Maybe whomever posted this has the wrong info? I'd love to see a pic of the red leather interior though, that's one thing that's pushing me towards the 1-series vert, I just love the red leather. If I knew this info on the '13 was legit I may buy out my lease and wait til next year for the new ISC vert.
    • Hi Stephanie -- as confusing as it sounds, both this information and your dealership are correct. The 2013 IS is the same as your current model, however, it's expected the model will be redesign early next year and will be sold as a 2014 model. 
  23. The plot thickens!  My dealer (in UK) reckoned that there would be a NEW model late this year or earlier in 2013 current stock is available but limited to the "Advance" model...  
  24. Let me see the new face now!!
  25. Yep, our dealer also told us to expect a redesign this fall. Guess not.....lease is up in December and was hoping the "new" IS would be available by then. Maybe time to look at the RX for a while.
  26. Saw the new IS on the internet. Hidious inside and out. Enough already with that cheezy grill and get rid of your design team and maybe go to Pinnefari in Italy to have them redesign your whole line before its to late.