Three Lexus LFAs Perform Synchronized Drifting

It’s Friday afternoon, so how about three Lexus LFAs performing some synchronized drifting?

Filmed in Japan at a recent Lexus event, the three LFAs were driven by Lexus test drivers — pretty amazing demonstration, especially at night!


  1. I'm surprised that the LFA can drift. With all the down force it was made to built to create, you would think that it would stick to the track like glue.
  2. they need Ken Block to dance that LFA
  3. Damn look at the way the LFA NE jumps put at :18
  4. Reminds me of an old SAAB video...
  5. I should really drop by Japan next week... I should visit Tokyo when I get to Japan... I should drop by Odaiba when I get to Tokyo... I should visit the Toyota Mega Web complex when I get there... I need to make camp in that area for a week... Then, I'll finally be able to witness something like this!!!