LX Mode Releases Lexus GS Accessories

Lexus GS LX Mode Side Profile

Japanese tuner LX Mode has released an assortment of add-ons for the Lexus GS, starting with some front end revisions:

Lexus GS LX Mode Front Grille

There’s also some side body mouldings:

Lexus GS LX Mode Side Body Mouldings

Things quickly turn a little funny after that, with bedazzled clock & start button ornaments:

Lexus GS LX Mode Bedazzled Clock

Lexus GS LX Mode Bedazzled Start Button

No matter how they look, none of these options are cheap — you can get a full price list on the LX Mode website (North American availability is unknown).

[Source: LX Mode Via: Club Lexus]


  1. TTAC have release all 5 parts of their LFA factory tour.
  2. I like those shoes! but I'm not a fan of the bling push start, the clock is not bad I suppose..
  3. LOVE all the extra chrome accents! Love the fins on the lower front fascia! love the interior details! However, the additions do tone down the car somehow. Also, I find the GS most attractive when it looks like the body panels are metal, not plastic. White and bright lighting just doesn't work well for the GS.
  4. where can i get the front head lamps from??????? thanks