New 2014 Lexus IS Rumors from Australia

2014 Lexus IS

The Age in Australia has some new rumours regarding the next-generation Lexus IS:

Due to be unveiled next year, the third-generation IS compact sedan is likely to follow in the footsteps of its bigger sibling, the GS, by delivering a richer, more upmarket look in the cabin and improved road manners.

Unlike its German rivals, the IS’s exterior will be more than just a shrunken version of its bigger brother, according to a Lexus insider. Distinguishing features over its ageing predecessor include a wider, more aggressive stance, a sleeker profile and the most radical iteration of the company’s new spindle grille to date, as our artist’s rendering shows.

The corporate marketing manager at Lexus Australia, Peter Evans, recently told Drive the Japanese luxury brand couldn’t afford a gentle evolution of its popular IS midsize sedan.

“When you’re a challenger brand and you’re No.4 [in sales], you can’t afford to be evolutionary.”

Also included is some drivetrain details, with specific mention of a four-cylinder, V6, and hybrid option. A next-gen IS F is also expected.

There is one rather large nugget of speculation worth highlighting:

Media speculation says the Japanese luxury brand’s smallest sedan could be based on a modified version of Toyota’s 86 sports car – not the GS – allowing Toyota to spread the development costs between the two models. This may also pave the way for a sporty coupe body variant, alongside a coupe-cabriolet and possibly even a sleek wagon or four-door coupe.

I suppose anything’s possible, but modifying the GT86 platform to accommodate a luxury sedan would likely negate any “development costs” savings — more likely, the IS will continue to be based on the GS.

(Please note — the above image is a rendering created by The Age, and is not the next-generation IS.)

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  1. Sounds interested for me ! Based on 86 chassis ? 86 chassis is actually Subaru's production though , although developed with Toyota .
    • The 86 exterior was almost completely developed by Toyota. Subaru designed the majority of what's under the hood.
    • No, the 86 chassis has always been a Toyota production.  Get your facts straight before posting, PLEASE!!!  The boxer engine is Subaru's.
  2. Awesome rendering. I love it.
  3. I hope they address the rear. The current model doesn't look aggressive/imposing at all, even in ISF form.
  4. I LOVE the current design, so anything else will probably be a step back And I don't want a shrunken GS.  This ain't Audi! BD
  5. if the front end was to look like this with say a different fogs lights and with the current body design only as this article say bigger body with an awesome bumper and tail lights would b awesome  
  6. I like the current IS. It actually already shares many design elements of the new GS so I think the next generation will be more of an evolution rather than a drastic move aesthetic wise. Current generation actually have a very nice proportion and language, the only part I think wasn't well executed was the rear and it isn't exactly coherent with rest of the car.
  7. interesting! obvious cues from LF-LC concept - very bold and a lot less subtle than the current IS - obviously trying to reach out to younger drivers - wonder though is this render an F-version? However - I have to say that I would have preferred taking the existing design and maybe "sexing" it up - this move to a very aggressive look would deter me from the IS, which I love - and move towards a Jaguar - I like bold and strong - but this seems a little OTT - too "boy-racer" fast & furious territory!
    • This whole rendering is just a frankenstein of Lexus concept vehicles. The majority which include the headlights, fog light wholes, front hood, and front window are all from the LF-Ch. The spindle grill comes from the LF-LC. Side windows/rear pillar, wheels, and side moldings come from LF-Gh. The only parts that come from an existing model are the door handles, and rear lights.  Although if you take all elements from their current concept designs, you may get a good understanding of what the next generation IS may look like. 
  8. As long as Lexus doesn't follow Audi and BMW in the "one look-different size" thing, I think it'll be a great looking sport sedan.
    •  Too late :) The new ES looks like a smaller LS and the next IS will look like the new GS. Are you sensing a theme here? Luxury =ES=LS; Sport = IS =GS.
    •  Wrong. The new ES, while similar to the new GS, has its own look and personality. The new LS will not be as dramatic as the new GS, but will look modern and reasonably stylish. As for the IS, I have a feeling they're gonna go all out.
  9. whoever made that rendering is a genius..
  10. The current IS is one of the best designed cars on the road right now. I hope they dont mess it up... and plzzz dont just make it a small GS give it its on character. The next gen ISF should be amazing.  
    • F1

      Yeah I completeley agree.. An it looked much better with the subtle facelift.. Seriously a 2011 White IS350 looks awesome
  11. Look for a very powerful crease on the quarter of the new IS to really spice it up. it will have hands down the most technology offered on any Lexus model. 
  12. I am impatiently waiting for the new IS. When Karl Schlicht said that he left us in the capable hands of Andrew Kirby, I thought that we would see an update every week, ok, maybe every 2 weeks, how about at least once a month? I have not seen one solid update on the IS in 3 months besides the fact that it will be sportier with a dashboard similar to the LFA's. Want to talk about the mule photos? They were disappointing to say the least. I was waiting for one of those darkened photos, even a shadow of the new IS, maybe even a tire imprint left by the low profile 245s on a dusty road, to make up my mind whether I would have to plan to sell my 2009 Lexus IS and get the new generation IS or keep my IS and buy the 2013 GS 350. Lexus did not deliver. A few weeks ago, I got into an accident in my IS at around 85 km/h. I got hit on the left and bounced off and hit a car on the right. The accident from my point of view was nothing. The car was still able to drive in a straight line and take me to the insurance company and then all the way to the Lexus body shop without an issue. It never complained so I thought the damage was minimal. The insurance company told me the car was a total loss. I was sad but glad. I can now get my money and seriously start thinking about the new IS. Any update? No. No. Google? No. Let's see what BMW, Audi and Mercedes have to offer ... I don't know or think I can wait another month for a teaser. I need to see something otherwise I will be forced to jump ship. The GS was advertised heavily. Why isn't the IS getting the same level of attention? It's still your highest selling sedan, after the ES, and it has barely changed since 2006 besides minor face-lifts! Come on Lexus ... give us something!
  13. That artist rendering looks awful. The GS doesn't so much stand out as it looks like a sporty edition of a regular luxury vehicle that focuses more on comfortableness than looks. So the thought of an IS looking like a GS makes me want to cut myself. Thank you for promoting self harm, The Age artist. As for the speculation that the IS could take cues from the 86, that is ABSOLUTELY wonderful news. The 86 is a beautiful car, and I've been working hard and saving up for one. The thought of a Lexus version of the 86 makes me want to whore my body to save the money for one. Thank you for promoting prostitution, speculation.
  14. I cant find a reason for a new IS-design. The current model looks perfect and in no way can one tell it dates back to 2006. A facelift - if that - would be just fine. There should be a hybrid version though. And no 4.cyl engine. And no turbo/supercharging. And no diesel.
    • I am happy owner of 2011 IS 250 F Sport, but I think it needs a new  design to last another six years. Remember when IS 200 came along, awesome - right. I hope though that the new model will get just a bit wider stance. As engines goes I can agree.
    • F1

      Dont worry, non of those will happen.. Thank god.. Lexus ain't no follower, they lead Japan experimented with FI way back in 90's..
    • "Dont worry, non of those will happen.. Thank god.." Thank god you're not running Lexus.
  16. wow, a rendering that actually looks good! I really like the design here and hop lexus does something similar. Its recognizable as a new lexus, with its own character! 
  17. While German automakers have updated or refreshed their sedans, Lexus haven't done it yet. The A4 had a minor facelift, the 3 series is completely new so as the C class. The IS needs to be updated as soon as possible, it doesn't matter if the current design has aged well, people want something need, not just an updated facelift" but a completely new model like the GS.
    • Well ... they may be doing it with the new IS but I have yet to see an official update on the IS. The 2013 GS was officially revealed mid-August and news of it's launch started trickling in mid-July. Let's hope that the new IS is revealed around the same time.
  18. Looks very the same as the CT200H, just this one is sedan. Unlike