Drive Compares the Lexus GS 250, Audi A6 2.0, BMW 520i & Mercedes E200

Lexus GS 250 vs Audi A6 2.0 vs. BMW 520i vs. Mercedes E200

Drive has compared the Audi A6 2.0, BMW 520i, Mercedes-Benz E200 & Lexus GS 250, and named the GS the top choice for its balance of comfort and performance.

(The GS was the only base model, the others were all equipped with $7,000+ AUD in options.)

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  1. Proof that Lexus has to potential to be better than Merc and Beamer. 
  2. The new GS is hotter than Katy Perry's cleavage!
  3. o men we are kicking asses on each and every review so far we (lexus) won every review except the car and driver review (god I hate that website)
  4. It was a good test, but here u can see why they sell so fiew cars in Europe, the new GS250 use around 30% more petrol per/km against the other cars, and when petrol is so expensive like it in in Europe, u save much gas money by choose other car..If u drive 20000km per year u save almost 1000euro, and if u buy a diesel u save i think good ide to have the new 2,5l hybrid at good price here in Europe..And a ( i will say this every time i write something) But damn what the new GS looks nice...
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      Big F***ING whoop, you want to save in gas? Then purchase a PRIUS!! And I don't know what the bitching is about, compare the low end A6 and it has a 2.8L FSI engine which puts out only 150kW! GS250 is 152kW !
    • I really do see your point. But the GS is indeed more powerful, and it's a V6, which drinks more fuel. To address the fuel issue,  a GS300h is on the way. The thing is, Lexus is unlikely to offer a diesel option. Lexus engineers once said (KREW, help me out), diesel engines are expensive to develop. But personally, I don't like diesel engines. They are relatively noisy, sound horrible and the exhaust fumes are even more polluting than normal petrol exhaust. When the GS300h arrives, I am guessing 'official claimed' fuel consumption figures will be about the same as an Audi A6 2.0T, but it will have significantly less power and torque.
  5. What I learned from that test? Drop the 2.5 V6 into a vat of acid.  Lexus needs a New engine, STAT! BD
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      Why didn't Lexus use the 3.0L 3GR-FSE for the base instead of the 2.5L 4GR-FSE ?? People tend to forget about that motor
    • I think Lexus is aiming for good fuel economy. (I don't like banging on about fuel but I'll have to) The 3.0L engine would drink more fuel. But, on the other end of the spectrum, the 4.6L V8 would be nice. 
  6. I think I might have driven that 1.8-l turbo Mercedes engine the last time I was in Europe, in a C class, though. What immediately struck me was the refinement of the motor at idle and within general speeds. At first I thought I was driving a small displacement 6-cylinder engine, but when I popped the hood I could see it was a 4-cylinder with forced induction. A great motor: minimal turbo lag, to. We could use more of them in the US and I think Lexus should seriously invest in getting a 2.0-l 4-cylinder motor (with forced induction) into the engine bays of the IS and GS for various markets. THEY NEED THEM. As the article states, "Smaller engines don't necessarily mean less luxury." An interesting article, especially since they claim that the BMW 5er is dynamically better than the GS. So far we've heard that the new 5er is soft and the new GS is sportier. I wonder if Lexus adjusts the GS suspension etc. for certain parts of the world. I know for example that in the past many European cars destined for the US had revised final drive ratios biased towards acceleration/performance at the expense of fuel economy
  7. MT

    Yo, if the engine would be better the Lexus would have wiped the floor with the others. It was the slowest 0-60 of all with the highest consumption. It even was the least refined engine despite being the only 6 cylinder in the test. If that engine stays in the GS the rest of its lifetime, the GS250 will have a hard time selling. And then there is the gearbox. 6 gears is not gonna cut it in that class of cars in the long run. While still acceptable now it will be outdated in two years. Merc has 7, BMW 8 speeds. Audi also just introduced an 8 speed to the A6. German gearbox Manufacturer ZF is working on a 9 speed. And Hyundai will have a 10 speed about next year. They already had an 8 speed five years ago. Why drop it?
    • Does it matter how many gears the autotransmission has?  It could have 1 gear for all I care. The most important question is : does it shift smoothly and does it allow sporty driving while delivering good fuel economy? (Hint: the answer is yes). In the GS350, the drivetrain is still competitive with MB/BMW/Audi/Infiniti/Jaguar's offerings.
    • PG

       "... the drivetrain is still competitive..." Seriously? Did you read the article? "The engine is a weak point, though. It lacks the low-rev push of its turbocharged German rivals and was slowest in our 0-100km/h test run. It's also more raucous when revved, although the exhaust note had a sporty element that some judges liked" I do like Lexus, and wouldn't be here otherwise, but just accept a fact as a fact, even if it means that the Lexus is sub-par engine-wise. The 2.5L V6 was already lagging compared to the last-gen German six-pots. Now, that they have moved on to their current-gen turbos they're simply outclassing Lexus in every aspect of engine performance, be it fuel economy, power, refinement,.... you name it! No point in trying to pretend this is a competitive engine (especially in the combo with that ancient 6-speed auto), just because you're a Lexus fan.
    •  I'm talking about the GS350 not the GS250. The loud noise is intentional as Lexus tuned the 4GS engine note to be louder under acceleration. The GS350 is as fast as the BMW 535i 0-60mph and beats it 0-100mph with faster 1/4 mile times as well. The MB E350... well it's simply not competitive at all. The A6 3.0T is the ONLY German 6 cylinder that is faster. It's not some hidden secret : The 0-60,0-100,1/4 mile times of all 5 cars are all over the internet and it's pretty conclusive. The GS350 is faster than the 535i,E350 and Jaguar 3.0 petrol. Only the A6 3.0T is faster
    • MT

      Yes, but half of the world aren't getting the 350. We are stuck here with either the heavy consumer 250 or the wonderful (but very expensive) 450h. Here in Austria we pay taxes according to horsepower numbers. And the 450 cost a fortune every year. The small hybrid better come sooner than later. And it better not have some hybridized version of the 4GR. But either way i found out that the GS was done by the same chief engineer as my Auris. And that one failed terribly on the Euro market. It also had a 5 speed sequential when all others were selling 7 speed dual clutch transmissions. They had to update the transmission after two years as it failed miserably to be accepted by the market.
    • How is the identity of the Chief engineer germane to discussion of the merits of the car?  The GS350 stands on its own merits and compares favorably to the 535i,E350, XF and A6 based on driving appeal, handling, ride comfort and interior fitment/finish.  Besides, it's well known that Akio Toyoda (Toyota CEO) basically took over the reins of the new GS development and personally test-drove the GS in its development phase and forced the Chief Engineer to make ride-handling changes to the chassis until it matched his expectations. And his expectations are pretty high considering that Toyoda is a passionate race car driver.
    • "The GS350 is as fast as the BMW 535i 0-60mph and beats it 0-100mph with faster 1/4 mile times as well." And the vast majority of consumers don't care about 0-60 or 1/4 mile times. The people who buy these cars care about the luxury experience, the badge, comfort, technology, safety and everything else except all-out-performance. For the record, every single car in this class is FAST and more than adequately powered. Nobody is seriously going to buy Car A over Car B because Car A does 0-60 in 5.6 seconds whereas Car B takes an eternity at 5.7 seconds. It doesn't happen in real life no matter what people or magazines say. There are exceptions, of course, but no sane person is going to waste their time deciding which car to get based on 0-60 times, especially when it comes to luxury/family sedans like here. And as many here might know, I have an E350 convertible with the 268-hp V6 and this car is plenty fast for my needs. I can merge unto freeway, I can overtake and I can have driving fun, to. Do I want a BMW 335i just because it's faster? No. It might be faster but so what? So what? I bought the Benz because I wanted something comfortable and sporty and also topless. Lexus didn't offer anything in this class, I'm not a fan of the Audi A5 and the 335i was overkill to me. The E350 convertible was perfect. That's how people buy cars. Based on their needs, not 0-60 or 1/4 mile times.
    • so i am Mr. Exception Nobody i did it twice actually ;)