Photo Gallery: Lexus GS 250 in Austria

2013 Lexus GS 250

For the (recently completed) Lexus GS press launch in Austria, Lexus Europe released dozens of new photos of the fourth-generation sports sedan — rather than publish them all at once, I’m going to divide them up into three groups, starting with the GS 250:

The GS 250 uses the same 2.5L engine as the IS 250, making it a fuel-efficient alternative to the GS 350 — unfortunately, it’s not available in North America.


  1. GS 250?!?! I want one!!! 
  2. Is that a 3D map on the NAV?
  3. I also like that they have other interior color options.  I like the light leather color it makes the interior pop more.
  4. I know the GS went on a diet, but I wonder what the performance is like? It might give a slight indication how the IS250 will fare after the redesign... If Lexus keeps the same engine at launch but lowers the weight, it might have more get-up and go along with higher MPG. We can hope...
  5. I would call it adequate, don't think they have developed the engine all that much as emissions are still very high compared to other brand engines this size. 0-62 takes 8.6 secs, CO2 is 207 g/km, Top speed 144
  6. MT

    Welcome to beautiful Austria :-)
  7. These pictures define the word: 'beauty'.
  8. The GS 250 is here in South Africa as well. Before driving it I thought the performance of the 2.5 V6 might be a little disappointing in the GS, but is exactly the opposite. I was amazed. And it has an exhaust note that is almost similar to that of the GS 350. If someone puts you in a GS and doesn't tell you whether it is a 250 or 350, takes you for a spin, you are going to have a little trouble knowing which one you are in. It's simply amazing.