Automobile Magazine Compares the Lexus LFA, McLaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 & Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport

Lexus LFA Supercar Party

It would seem impossible, but Automobile Magazine has published a rather dull comparison of the Lexus LFA, McLaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 and Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport — in fact, the article is saved only by its stunning photography:

Lexus LFA @ Old Chevron

As for the accompanying video:

I’m all for speeding supercars, but seriously, more drag racing?

[Source: Automobile Magazine]


  1. My favorite Japanese Super Car vs my favorite Italian Super Car vs my favorite British Super Car vs my favorite Volkswagen Super Car ... how much they still can add on my "favorite" to that video ?
  2. Who cares how fast the veyron is... IT IS UGLY!!!! I would take the LFA for the whole package.
  3. Never really read Automobile.  Consumer Reports is a more engaging read..... BD
  4. ok that's like comparing usain bolt to a runner like me. That's how useless this race is, we all know the outcome
  5. put them on a track and see
  6. I've seen this video not too long ago and it wasn't even entertaining, I find it kind of dumb with their logic and how they approach it with only drag race, anyone can slam on the pedal, REAL drivers take it around the track.
  7. Just saw the video of the drag between the LFA and MClaren. Is it even a common sense race? The mclaren is up 40 hp and 90lbs ft of torque and not to talk bout the big difference in weight where the mclaren is almost 400lbs lighter. The dude seems surprised... 
    • The weight difference is about 200 lbs and not 400 lbs. But, in a straight line it is quicker  than anything this side of the Aventador. But, yes only one car has done 7:14 and it is the LFA. The 4500 lbs pork Veyron has done only 7:42.
    • mclaren 2868-3000 lbs lfa  3263–3483 lbs...
    • Those are dry weights with the base model equipment on the Mclaren. Did you even read the article??? Their test weight for the Mclaren was 3210 lbs and 3460 lbs for the LFA because Mclaren is not a stripped down bare bones model.
    • I wouldn't really believe an article that is geared towards german cars, especially these german and italian fanboys
    • let's not forget what the veyron has under the hood
  8. Yes, Mclaren is quicker in a straight line. This also shows how much quicker it is than the 458 italia, turbo S etc.' agree LFA should have been tested around the track and it would be much better than the Aventador and Veyron.
  9. MD

    LFA has a huge problem off the line. I am not sure why, but it seems to have a weak 0 - 60 mph. If you look at the 60 - 120 mph of the LFA, it is almost the same as the Mclaren. It loses the battle before it is hitting 60 mph and then roughly gets to 120 mph in the same time Mclaren does after that. Some say, LFA's tires are grossly inadequate while the Mclaren is wearing Corsa super-slick tires. LFA just cannot seem to get the 0 - 60 mph Lexus advertised it has, which is 3.6 seconds. If it truly could hit 3.6 seconds 60 mph easily, it would be really close in the 1/4 mile. I wonder if Lexus could be sued for false advertising???
    • MD

      It is all in context of MotorTrend/Automobile claiming their 0 - 60 mph time for LFA was 4.2 seconds. That is what a C63 or BMW M3 runs in a 0 - 60 mph. I am not sure what the problem is with LFA getting off the line quickly enough. It is super fast from 60 - whichever speed, but the 0 - 60 mph is pissed poor in the LFA.
    • I think it's the tires on the lfa is bringing it down while competitors are using slicks. Lexus needs to revise there launch control system
    • MD

      Yep. I heard the Nurburgring edition tested to be stupid fast in European testing in acceleration tests. It could either be the much stronger grip tires on the Nurburgring edition or Lexus secretly tweaked and improved the launch control on LFA.
    • agreed there were sayings that the only car that can match the LFA power delivery is the 458, but I'm not quite sure how each and every competitors do there test. I've seen some 0-60 times in the 4.2-4.5 second range. I'm thinking that is complete bull crap.
  10.  that guy said LFA interior looks like an after thought. what a jerk! LFA got the best interior even Jeremy Clarkson thee LFA hater agrees
    • MD

      Yeah, that is the most bizzare statement I have ever read. LFA has been universally praised for its high-tech interior. Motor Trend before in a review also criticized the interior so it is nothing new from them.
    • This is why whenever I read an article about the LFA vs other competitors I am really skeptical about what they say.
    • Seriously -- such a weird thing to write. How could you be anything but impressed with the LFA interior?