Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA Wins SP8 Class in VLN3 Nürburgring Race

Lexus LFA Racing in VLN3

Continuing their journey to the 24h Nürburgring race in May, the Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA took part in the VLN3 race this past weekend, finishing first in the SP8 class and 13th 12th overall.

(Driving the LFA during the four-hour race: Takayuki Kinoshita, Akira Iida, & Juichi Wakisaka.)

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  1. Can someone clarify what and all falls under SP8 class?
    • Mostly stock - engine, transmisison, and some of other stuff. Steel brakes are just mandatory on all cars.
    • So not original brake rotor ?
    • I know for sure that the discs are not the original.
    • Yeah , the rotor is Carbon Ceramic Composite in stock .
    • The engine is heavily detuned in the SP8 class due to air restrictors and weight tanks. The Gazoo LFA only makes 470 HP and is rev limited to 7500 rpm. That is why the Gazoo LFA on the straights is evenly matched with a heavily tuned GT3 class GT3 Cup car with 480 HP. Otherwise, with the full 571 HP of the Nurburgring edition LFA, it would be in the GT2 or GT1 class.
    • You forgot the weight also the LFA has to run near its stock production weight also.Those GR LfA's weigh in at about 1450 KG while all those Cup cars weigh in the 1200-1250 kg range.
    • Oh yeah. Definitely. The stock LFA is so much faster. I wonder what the top speed of the LFA would be without the Nurburgring package and if the gigantic rear wing could be kept down. There should be a manual override for the wing - to fool cops!!!
    • Generally spoilers take away 10 mph of the top speed. It also depends on the downforce as well. In the case of LFA, the rear wing generates enormous downforce.
    • Its been reported in top speed testing at the Nardo Ring in Italy the LFA achieved a top speed upwards of 210+ MPH obviously this was with the Wing down
    • 210+? Why didn't Lexus just skip the spoiler and made the LFA run top speeds with the 599 and stuff.
    • I could'nt tell you why they have done that maybe they always had it in there minds there was going to be a successor to the NE and stock LFA's down the track and just held it back. Much like they have with there KERS tech they could well be using that in there next attempt at a Hyper-Car who know's. But more than likely with the new aero updates on the GR LFA something else is in the pipeline I guess we'll have to wait and see.
    • Stability was a huge factor for the chief engineer both at high speed acceleration and high speed cornering, which is why the downforce was created so that the driver can feel confident pushing the car to the limit at very high speeds.
    • makes sense but I wonder why the engineers put only 552bhp n 354 torque in the engine i mean those numbers are mediocre for supercar nowadays. We find that much power in some sedans these days. I wished they made a car where it best the bugatti in acceleration... LFA II please
    • I would at a guess one of the reasons for the so called lower torque and power number is the fact you can still drive the car without all the elerctronic wizardary that other Supercars have. Driveability is a fact lost on many and without the above electronics to keep the car in check unless you have F-1 type talent having all that HP and torque would only be good on a autobahn Motorway freeway type scenario.
    • 571hp LFA on Race ? Left that for LFA GTE . XD
    • Wasn't it more like 552 for the stock LFA 562 for the NE LFA 491 for the GR LFA and who know's what the LeMan spec GTE car will have or even if it will run the V-10 at all dependent on what motor will forfill class spec the best.
  2. I'm sensing the tuning of the LFA II?
  3. By the way , here said it's 12th overall ?  Gazoo Racing's Toyota 86 finished in 85th & 96th , which is 3rd & 4th in SP3 class .