Modellista Releases 2013 Lexus RX Body Kit

2013 Lexus RX Body Kit from Modellista

Official Lexus Japan tuner Modellista has released a new bodykit for the 2013 RX — here’s some closeups of the individual parts:

2013 Lexus RX Modellista Front Bumper

2013 Lexus RX Modellista Side Skirts

2013 Lexus RX Modellista Rear Underspoiler

2013 Lexus RX Modellista Wheels

This kit is too bulky for my taste — in a way, it looks like two vehicles stacked on top of one another, especially with that overdone front bumper. I would like to see those wheels on a RX without the body kit, though.

[Source: Modellista]


  1. Looks like a converted handicap van where they had to lift it and covered the bottom up with extended body panels
  2. Bolt-on body kits always look crappy on Lexus in my opinion. Unless the whole bumpers or rocker panels are replaced it's nowhere near Lexus' original fit & finish.
  3. The front looks like bugs bunny's bucktooth, and the side skirts looks like it came from Fast & Furious 1 era, give me the normal F-Sport..thanks.
  4. I like the rear lip but I think the front and sides are "too busy".
  5. Not about this kit. Its impossible to understand why japanese tuningskits are not or very hard to get outside Japan. and if they are the prices are off the planet. Maybe it has something to do with product responsabillity or limitations in the technical areas as when we burn down the autobahn, that one time possible, it has to stay in one piece.  Many brake kits, turbo kits and spoiler kits designed in the far east have lost their lives here on the roads as a burn out or race down the block is different to going full speed up a long hill in Germany. Nevertheless we like that stuff and its sad that its so difficult available.
  6. never really liked body-kits on SUVs...
  7. The rear-end looks good. The wheels are nice but the rest are meh....
  8. Krew, you are absolutely right! This is way too busy for this vehicle. Sometimes we just need to leave well enough alone. Just wondering though, what would happen if someone said Autobots..........
  9. That..... looks weird! 
  10. RAL

    rocker panels remind me of Star Wars storm trooper's helmet!
  11. This kit loks like crap.
  12. Joe

    The only thing I like is the rear bumper mod, because of the exhaust pipe.  Would even be better with one exhaust on both sides, like on the petrol sedans.  It's a shame that Lexus decided to mask the exhausts on the hybrid versions.  For example, on the new GS, I personally prefer the beautifully sculpted visible exhausts on the GS petrol models than the hybrid hidden ones. It would be a good idea to provide the visible exhausts as a standard feature on F SPORT hybrid models.  Next to this, I don't understand why we don't get larger tires on the RX 450h F SPORT.  I know it has to do with CO2 emission decisions and regulation, but on GS they changed the tires to a more masculine 265 instead of 235, with higher CO2 output as a consequence (145 g/km) for that version.  It wouldn't cause problems for prospects and clients to have an output of let's say 150 g/km on the RX 450h F SPORT instead of the standard 145 g/km, but at least having larger tires.  The body of the F SPORT just begs for it...
  14. I like it.  I think it makes the RX look sharp. Only complaint is if your going to mod it u might as well cast a hole new bumper I don't like seems on it.  But the look I do love. I don't agree with a alot of the people here. We are no longer in the 80's and most cars have extreme styling ques now and i think this gives the RX a more extreme look
  15. Today I really saw this car
  16. tis is a good looking kit.  the complaints are generic to any bolt on body kit.  i bet none of the folks with the negatice coments actually own an RX.  I do and I would not mind if it looked a little more aggressive, a little less like teh one teh 50 year old lady next door drives
  17. also, if you want a giant muffler hanging off the back, maybe a hybrid is not the ride for you.  they make lots of gas guzzlers for the big muffler crowd