Lexus GS with Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler

Japanese tuner Lexon has released a carbon fiber front lip spoiler for the new Lexus GS:

Lexon Lexus GS Front Lip Carbon Fiber

Have to like the blacked-out front bumper, especially in combination with the carbon fiber lip and the black wheels — pretty sweet setup.

The Lexon front lip spoiler is available in Fiber Reinforced Plastic for ¥52,000 ($646 USD) and in Carbon Fiber for ¥73,500 ($905 USD).

[Source: Lexon via VIP Auto Salon]


  1. "Have to like the blacked-out front bumper"  Oh,I certainly do! Very nice!
  2. That car is a beauty! Lexus' look so nice with aftermarket wheels.
  3. This one looks good !
  4. Everything about that car is perfect. Rims, carbon fib lip, color, etc etc etc... Just perfection. 
  5. I want it! I want now! Oh my gosh, so SEXY!!!!!
  6. hmmm not to sure about the rims. Those rims seem like rims people put on a pos american car. Hope they announce the GS-F.
  7. Irnoically looks like a LFA Nurburgring Package on a GS, albeit with slightly uglier wheels.
  8. I live how the lip makes the front even meaner!!! Lexus GS is just awesome. [+]
  9. Ugly. Kits are always ugly.
  10. I really like the front end, especially the foglights (which we don't get on our F-sports). They make it look more complete and finished.
  11. Love how beefy and angry the car looks. But its still classy
  12. My brother was like,"Ooh, Audi!'' Then he got closer and I heard a sigh... LOL. Looks awesome!!
  13. The price is an absolute joke.