Gazoo Lexus LFA Finishes First in Class at Nürburgring VLN2 Race

Lexus LFA VLN Winner

The Gazoo Racing Lexus LFA raced in VLN2 at the Nürburgring yesterday, finishing first in the SP8 class and 22nd overall. Kinoshita Takayuki & Wakisaka Juichi were the drivers.

A Lexus IS-F driven in part by GT5 creator Kazunori Yamauchi also raced, placing third in the SP8 class.

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  1. LFA destroyed the SP8 class 458 Italia by 10 seconds in their quickest respective lap times.
  2. I hope LFA will continue like this through all of the VLN series races and then eventually culminate with a big win the 24-hours Nurburgring race.
  3. I really wonder if this GR LFA can crack the  top 10 or 15 in this race in an SP-8 spec I think if they some how can manage that this would be a huge result for this car.I think it would be a huge ask and they would undoubtedly need some luck but this really is the only reaL ACHIEVEMENT LEFT for it in this race in my eyes.
  4. Did the GTR also enter this race or was it some other race. Lexus is tuning the LFA so they can develop the LFA II