Driving the 2012 Lexus CT 200h

Last week, I picked up a 2012 Matador Red Mica Lexus CT 200h from Lexus Canada for a road test, and so far, I’ve been really enjoying my time behind the wheel.

This CT is equipped with the Canadian Premium Package, which adds leather seats, a backup camera in the rearview mirror, the ten speaker audio system, and 17" aluminum alloy wheels – the only notable feature missing is the Navigation system and its accompanying Remote Touch controller, and I’m very curious to see how its absence affects the overall CTh experience.

As I’ve done in the past, I’ll be posting updates of my review-in-progress – there’s a link to the CT 200h Road Test page in the sidebar for easy access if you’re interested in following along.

Read my live review of the Lexus CT 200h

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  • S
    Shane From Australia
  • April 15, 2012
Nice looking car, particuarly in that colour. I'm interested wether Lexus will eventually offer a CT300h.  Imagine a CT300h F-Sport ... would be a nifty little car !  
  • M
  • April 15, 2012
My father just tested one. Maybe he'll buy one to replace his old Camry. We had the full spec (leather, 13 speaker-ML, LED headlamps, Nav, Memory seats, sunroof, blabla. but without the PCS. My dad would want to have the PCS as well.  Nica car, very quiet. Eats corners like hell :-) Below 130 km/h it feels much stronger than just 136PS. Going real Autobahn speeds is a PITA though as the engine gets quite loud at 5000 RPM. My dad is a slow and defensive driver so that doesnt matter at all. At city speeds extremely frugal. On the highway consumption is on par with the best diesels. The ECO moda throttle mapping is no good though. Just keep in normal or sports and it is okay.  Using the cruise control in conjunction with sports mode makes the dash show the hybrid power meter instead of the rev-meter. No idea why?
I really want to get the CT200h, but I am trying to decide on the Premium or the one with the Nav. What would be amazing, if Lexus had a plug-in version of the CT200h.
I really like the CT and its handling more than enough for everyday use, but the fact I can't get over is that the CT with F-Sport rings in at 40k!!! I might was well put a lil more down for the IS350 IMO