Japanese Photochop of Production Lexus LF-LC

An as-of-yet-unidentified Japanese car magazine has published a rendering of what a possible Lexus LF-LC production model might look like:

Lexus LF-LC Production Model Possibility

Needless to say, this photochop doesn’t capture the essence of what makes the LF-LC concept so special — I don’t care for all the horizontal slates and the removal of the F Sport mesh grille, but the whole image just looks wrong to me. Not a fan.

See the cover over at Japanese Car Design Corner


  1. Well,this things are best taken with fair few grains of salt. I've no doubt a production version would look flawless.
  2. Where is the spindle grille that Lexus is emphasizing a lot? I think this photochop is merely an artist impression only ;) 
  3. The spindle shape grille CANNOT be highlighted by chrome surround. The vents look odd with the slats. It's so out of character for a Lexus. As with most photochops - it doesn't look good. Also, my Japanese knowledge tells me that the magazine is bragging about having a scoop on the full revelation of the LF-LC production model. It's also boldly stating that it will be featured at the Tokyo Motor Show in spring. 
  4. Looks like this is based on the Toyota GT86 and not the LF-Lc
  5. The spindle grille would be bigger.  And it would actually spindle! BD
  6. ehhh..... i would still drive it.
  7. I like it.  
  8. not a complete fan, but if it retains the shape the concept has, itll go over fine
  9. The exotic front end is the key to the concept.  If they throw it out, it will lose it's appeal. BD
  10. aha If this does end up debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show as the magazine says, then it'll be just like the LFA!
  11. Not bad at all.
  12. that will work so good as the NG-TOYOTA SUPRA
  13. Lexus is out for BLOOD....
  14. Looks fine to me even for a photochop... although it is missing the prominent spindle grille the rest of the lineup has.
  15. I do like it but it doesn't features Lexus' spindle grille, which is all about that with the LF-LC.
  16. I still like the car this way. What I like most in this car is the shape its beautiful.