Imagining a Hydrogen-Powered Lexus LFA-h

An enterprising filmmaker has created this rather convincing mock commercial for a hydrogen-powered Lexus LFA-h:

Simon Brown, a recent graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory, managed to fool at least one website with his video, and may only be a few years ahead of his time — here’s a quote from recent Bloomberg story about Toyota fuel-cell vehicles:

Toyota Motor Corp, the world’s largest seller of hybrid vehicles, wants to be able to supply thousands of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles annually in the next decade in anticipation of demand for petroleum-free autos.

“We are preparing to be able to produce tens of thousands per year in the 2020s,” Didier Leroy, head of Toyota’s European operations, said in prepared remarks in Geneva. The Toyota City, Japan-based automaker hasn’t yet detailed the price or marketing plans for fuel-cell cars or set a global sales target, said John Hanson, a spokesman for the company’s U.S. unit.

[Source: Simon Brown]