2013 Lexus RX Photo Gallery Leaked

2013 Lexus RX & RX F Sport

Just moments after posting the official Lexus teaser photo of the 2013 RX 450h F Sport, I discovered that photo galleries of RX 350, RX 450h, & RX F Sport were already making the rounds — here they are, in full:

RX 350

RX 450h

RX 450h F Sport

Surprised to see all three models wearing the same wheels, especially when the earlier leaked brochure showed two entirely different rim designs — however, it’s clear this is a single model that’s been photoshopped rather than three different units.

Regardless, I’m impressed with the changes that Lexus has made to the RX — looking forward to seeing real-life photos from the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday.

[Source: Autofans.be via Autoblog]


  1. I spotted full red-LED taillight ! :D
  2. The F-sport looks awesome!!  I wonder if there are any improvements in the interior?  Looks like the nav. verision was updated with a new UI. I hope they borrowed some of the new "toys" from the GS like the blind spot monitoring system.   Big week for new announcements, RX, iPad 3..going to be a good week :p 
  3. I just cant stand the way they placed the fog lights, same with the GS. Oh well, rest looks good and Im glad the rear lights are all red and not white, the white was UGLY!
  4. I'd love it if now, the entire red area of the taillight would light up when the brakes are applied instead of just the portion that isn't part of the tailgate! Other than that, I can't wait to see better pictures! Sometimes, we just don't need to see every single detail in the headlights and the underside! We need more realistic pictures of the new RX in the wild!
  5. RAL

    The curved top part of the spindle grill does not seem to mesh with the sharp lined headlight/DRL shape.  I wish I liked this new spindle grill that seemingly will appear on all Lexus models, but I don't.  I think they could have achieved the more aggressive look without compromising the look of refinement which has always been a hallmark of Lexus.  I must be in the vast minority considering there has been 6,000 orders for the new GS in Japan.  Honestly, the entire GS design is beautiful, but to me the front end looks like a cheap kit add-on.  Am I alone in this opinion? . . .
  6. I'm so in love with second gen RX tail end, that these don't do it for me. The tai lights are my favorite part of the one I own. I will have to see the spindle front in person to determine my thoughts.
  7. Where's the shark fin?
  8. I just really hope they improve the interior. It always seemed low budget to me (especially compared to the Toyota Highlander). I did see Auto Recirculation has returned in one of the pictures! I also hope they don't add a silly silver piece accross the glove box door like they did in the IS; it was pointless and didn't flow with any other trim piece, and looked like a cheap add-on.
  9. The best-selling luxury vehicle in America, the Lexus RX BD
  10. Looks nice.. What I like about he RX is how the rear wipers are hidden.. One of many touches that makes Lexus unique..
  11. what? they are going back to putting "LEXUS" on the tail end now? I thought that was dropped on all 2011+ cars....
  12. Looks fresh... The RX was a good looking car anyway. But im already thinking about the next gen RX :-) Not just a face change
  13. Quite possibly my favorite iteration of the 'spindle' grille thus far - looks sharp! 
  14. i wonder if this means on the 350 (with the nav package) that they replaced the more inward facing xenon headlamps, like on previous years? the headlamp design of the 350 here parallels that of previous.