Lexus GS Challenges BMW 535i & Mercedes E350 Sport

Lexus GS vs. BMW 535i vs. Mercedes E350 Sport

To prove how much the new GS has improved, and show how it stacks up to the competition, Lexus invited Automobile Magazine & Motor Trend to do some independent testing of the GS 350 F Sport against the BMW 535i and Mercedes E350 Sport — here are the results at a glance (click for a larger version):

Lexus GS vs. BMW 535i vs. Mercedes E350 Sport

Here’s a zoom of just the facts:

Lexus GS vs. BMW 535i vs. Mercedes E350 Sport Results

As you can see, the GS scored first in every test — through the autocross, the 0-60 mph acceleration, 1/4 mile times, and 60-0 mph braking, the GS was able to top both the E350 Sport and 535i. Makes for some pretty impressive results.

(Of course, with this being a Lexus paid advertisement, it would be easy to write off the test as pre-determined & bias — however, all data was collected over multiple laps using VBOX technology, and Automobile & Motor Trend published videos explaining how every test was performed. Instead of a marketing conspiracy, it just goes to show how confident Lexus is in the GS and its performance credentials.)

For the full coverage, including fourteen videos and feedback from magazine readers, be sure to check out the GS Challenge page over at Automobile Magazine.