Lexus GS Challenges BMW 535i & Mercedes E350 Sport

Lexus GS vs. BMW 535i vs. Mercedes E350 Sport

To prove how much the new GS has improved, and show how it stacks up to the competition, Lexus invited Automobile Magazine & Motor Trend to do some independent testing of the GS 350 F Sport against the BMW 535i and Mercedes E350 Sport — here are the results at a glance (click for a larger version):

Lexus GS vs. BMW 535i vs. Mercedes E350 Sport

Here’s a zoom of just the facts:

Lexus GS vs. BMW 535i vs. Mercedes E350 Sport Results

As you can see, the GS scored first in every test — through the autocross, the 0-60 mph acceleration, 1/4 mile times, and 60-0 mph braking, the GS was able to top both the E350 Sport and 535i. Makes for some pretty impressive results.

(Of course, with this being a Lexus paid advertisement, it would be easy to write off the test as pre-determined & bias — however, all data was collected over multiple laps using VBOX technology, and Automobile & Motor Trend published videos explaining how every test was performed. Instead of a marketing conspiracy, it just goes to show how confident Lexus is in the GS and its performance credentials.)

For the full coverage, including fourteen videos and feedback from magazine readers, be sure to check out the GS Challenge page over at Automobile Magazine.


  1. thats what im talking about LEXUS RULES 
  2. looks like Lexus got a very positiv feedback....and has done a great job with this car!! I would say what Lexus have to do now is too keep the GS "attractive" to the people. What other engines will we see? V8? GS-F? smaller V6? Cóupe? Correct me if i am wrong but with this great start Lexus MUST keep up the pressure....
  3. That's great that the GS posted better numbers. But numbers alone don't sell cars. What is important is that it's still a Lexus. Is it quiet? Does it still feel solid? Is the interior made of high quality materials and luxuriously styled? Is it going to be comfortable and relaxing on my miserable hour long commute it traffic? The beauty of this car is that the answer to all those questions is a resounding YES! I have been spending quite a bit of time in one, and have decided to replace my beloved 2006 LS 430 with an F-Sport.
  4. put up some banner ads for this just before the Super Bowl about this, so I saw this then. BD
  5. Jcp

    Lexus is superior!
  6. Dear Lexus, Excellent job, but please be able to repeat this against 550i, E550, M5, E55, CTS-V etc.... The 350 is just the entry level GS... you need to be competing against the big boys if you want true credibility.... The (hopefully) next GS-F should be able to repeat this perfomance, relatively speaking, as the entry level has accomplished the feat. One more thing, please try to put a limited edition manual transmission option at least, to show the enthusiast world what you are truly capable of. The may not generate the most sales, but the top of the line models are where you need to place some of that competitive focus on as well. That is where you will solidify your title as the best.
  7. FANTASTIC JOB LEXUS!    I am sure the higher power variants will follow----LEXUS is not going to stop at this fight that is just the begining of their pursiut. The fact that the numbers are leading with LEXUS is a near marvel when you see who the article is generated from.....both of these journals have been the most biased and derrogatory against LEXUS in the past....that in itself is a feat to be proud of.....I think the detractors are starting to take note and listening to what LEXUS is doing....the auto industry knows that LEXUS has the power and pockets to make it happen.
    • PG

      "LEXUS is a near marvel when you see who the article is generated from" This is a paid advertisement. When did you last see someone being derogatory in an ad?
    • That's a fair comment -- however, I have been told directly that Automobile Magazine was given free rein to report this story as they wished. Some of the opinion in the videos may have been influenced by the advertising, but the numbers don't lie.
  8. As a long time Lexus fan, it is good to see the new GS has done well in terms of performance when compared to its intended competitors.  However, it seems that it is comparing apples with oranges as the tires under the test are different.  Why not putting the exact same tires on its competitors and do another comparison again to see the difference?  The tire sizes should be kept stock, though,  as that's what the engineers of each automaker have decided to go with. Just a thought...
    • To be honest no one really does that for ANY TEST bro.  The cars in the video come how they are brought which is what matters. Why does Lexus need to upgrade the competitors to match their car ?  Also just talking about tires is kind of stupid because the GS F-Sport upgrades are much more substantial then just better tires. Nice Try .
    • PG

       I agree that the cars should be tested how they are brought by the manufacturer. However, to keep it fair they should have chosen comparable models. In this case that would mean GS F-Sport vs. 535i with M-Sport Pack, rear-wheel steering, and sports suspension. My wild guess here is that such a 5er would have mopped the floor with the GS, and hence Lexus chose a regular 535i.
    •  Wrong again. The 535i test vehicle came with the M-sport package AND still lost to the GS350
  9. NICE Lexus needs more advertisement like this
  10. Good win, but to be honest the real competition of the GS350 F-Sport should be the 335i with the M Sport package, and the E350 with the AMG Sport package. This test is kind of comparing apples to oranges to me as it is.
  11. 2013 LEXUS ES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOTTED IN CHINA 
  12. I consider myself an average consumer who just wants a nice car and doesn't care to much about the numbers. So which cars is the fastest is irrelevant to me. All cars tested here are fast and have good general performance specifications in other areas. From my perspective, they're all closely matched. I think Motor Trend should have also mentioned the tire aspect and how decisive they can be. For instance the E350 seems to use all-season tires, which are a compromise. Such tires won't give you the best acceleration or braking for instance. In order for all cars to be equally matched, all of them should make use of either winter or summer tires, not a mix. In any case, I have a soft spot for the E350 sedan here since I have an E350 Convertible and I love that car. I value the design, the quality, the ride, the blend between comfort and sport and best of all the experience of roof-free motoring. The E class to me looks great and I know that it provides superb comfort while also incorporating competent and safe handling. It would be my choice from this trio. I might be a bit biased, but my wife and I are really loving our E350 convertible. Honestly, I am not feeling the new GS at all. Loved the last generation, not feeling the current model. Never was a fan of BMWs and their rather uncomfortable ride to be honest.
  13. Thank you for making this site very interesting! Keep going! You're doing very well!
  14. So, Lexus and MB both are sport models...and they didn't think it would be a good idea to include the M sport package on the the BMW? Sounds rigged...