Photo Gallery: Lexus Hybrids and the Aurora Borealis

Taken in Norway near Lexus Tromsø, the northernmost Lexus dealership in the world, here are some photos of a CT 200h & RX 450h lit up by the Aurora Borealis:

Lexus CT 200h Northern Lights

Lexus RX 450h Northern Lights

It’s not often that I feature photos where Lexus vehicles are a secondary element, but I had to make an exception here — what an amazing world we live in.

[Source: Lexus Norway Facebook] (Thanks Jan Christian!)


  1. Sweeeeeet ! :D
  3. I've never seen those wheels on a CT! I love them!
  4. Wow, awesome shots!!  Lexus should think about doing a commercial with this!
  5. Lexus Tromsoe = !!!
  6. Cool opportunity, poor skills... too bad.
  7. Thanks for this.  A significant fraction of my friends are Norwegian Americans who look askance at my Lexus passion as an example of conspicuous consumption.  But if they see that folks in mother Norway bless their Lexus with Northern Lights, maybe they will see the light. I keed.  But not a few of them have been sent these pictures—just in case.
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  9. Great photos taken just outside my hometown!
  10. Are those wheels aftermarket, dealer installed accessories or in a package? 
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