Race-Spec Lexus IS F Drifting Fail

At a Tokyo Auto Salon demonstration event last week, a Gazoo Racing Lexus IS F was all ready to put on a show — unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned:

Here’s the bizarre accident from another angle:

So what happened? The first video shows that the driver has lined the IS F up to cut close to the orange cones, but fails to see the concrete blocks — it all makes for an unfortunate turn of events that both the driver and the show organizers won’t soon forget.

(Thanks to Joe Z. for his crash theory!)


  1. He doesn't seems try to drift & he seems to accidentally applied throttle as he doesn't even steer his car !
  2. Was that Akio with the red jacket on?Being a racing enthusiast himself,(Akio)I'm sure that he's just as heart broken as we are.(minor compared to everything he stood up against last year though-very minor)It's too bad this IS-F didn't get a chance too show its stuff though.Especially for the GR & TRD parties involved.
  3. The guy on the red jacket is not Akio.
  4. That was quite impressive. A racing car managed to climb onto some blocks.
  5. Very hard to watch.....I am overall impressed with the lightning quick speed that the situation is evaluated and processed so quickly to remove....i guess after Japan Tsunami you learn to survey the moment and move quickly.....the Japanese are incredible minds to watch at work....I hope the driver is safe and sound and no injuries.  They will be back at it shortly.
  6. woa ! Wonderful!
  7. He is a monkey!)
  8. Well, that was embarrassing lol.
  9. great) liked everything very much) keep it up and dont stop)
  10. Wow the concrete crunched the Lexus
  11. What an imbecile...
  12. that driver was a complete idiot and did it on purpose