Imagining a Lexus City Car

From the Not Going to Happen automotive department comes this Theophilus Chin rendering of a Toyota Prius C-inspired Lexus CK (click for larger images):

Lexus CK Toyota Prius C Front
Lexus CK Toyota Prius C Rear

As much as I like the idea of Lexus city car, this rendering is far too close to the source material to be viable — but beyond looks, the Prius C could be a good starting point for a mini-Lexus, even though I much prefer the iQ (even better, the iQ GRMN, please).

(With Mercedes, BMW, and even Lotus getting into the city car game, I’d love to see Lexus competing in the mini market — in my mind, I see a hybrid city car that sits right between the iQ and Aston Martin Cygnet.)

[Source: Theophilus Chin]