Next-Generation Lexus IS Photochops from Japan

Shamiz, our source for Japanese magazine rumors, has come through again with these Best Car renderings of four possible next-generation IS variants:

Lexus IS F Coupe
2013 Lexus IS Sedan
2013 Lexus IS Convertible
2013 Lexus IS Wagon

With the exception of the IS wagon (which is just hideous), these photochops have some mixture of good and bad elements, with the bad mostly winning out — every single rendering has an awkward C-pillar and an oddly exaggerated front face. That said, I do think the new spindle grille will fit the IS range well, and I look forward to seeing something a little closer to the real thing than these mockups.

Even the included spec sheet has its share of ugly:

2013 Lexus IS Specs

Leaving the IS F engine untouched is one thing, but Lexus putting out a IS 350h with a four-cylinder engine producing only 160 PS/158 HP? Even with the added electic motor boost, I just don’t see it — at least with the 350h designation.

Regardless of ridiculousness, here are all four pages in high resolution for your enjoyment:

(Thanks Shamiz!)

Update: Edited for clarity.