Flickr Find: Black Lexus IS F at Night

Photographer Zandro of Zandbox Photo has put together a stunning set of Lexus IS F night shots:

Zandbox Lexus IS F Three Quarter View

Zandbox Lexus IS F Side Profile

This is just a selection from the set, make sure to check out the full gallery over on Flickr.

[Source: Zandbox Photo Flickrstream]


  1. I love the factory Lexus black paint, it's really shiny! a lot better than the G35 coupe in the past and I've compared it with the last gen 5 series as well. After I do a normal soap+water wash job on it, it looks like it was polished and wax, gotta love the black Lexus paint.
  2. If these are actual photos then they are so heavily processed that they appear computer generated. Nothing like a real photo to actually understand what a car looks like in real life. These comes off as junk.
  3. Gorgeous!))Waht a car!
  4. imo I like the stock wheels better