EVO Magazine Reviews the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition

Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition EVO Magazine Article

Through the kind generosity of a German Car Forum member ENZOX, Chris Harris’ EVO Magazine feature on the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition has been scanned & uploaded, and we can finally read what one of the world’s best automotive journalists thinks about Lexus’ track-optimized supercar.

Not to spoil anything, but I have to pull some quotes:

I have probably spent too much time driving around the [Nürburgring] Nordscheife, but that dos at least mean I have driven most of the current super-sports cars around the place, and this special LFA is the best of them all. Haruhiko Tanahashi and his team have done a stunning job.

[The Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition] is the best road car I’ve ever driven around here, which, added to its unique appeal as an object, intensifies the aura that surrounds this motoring curiosity. That it costs an extra £63K over the standard car and only 50 will be built won’t bother the lucky few. They even get some free driver training and a year’s free lapping at the place the car was named after. Bargain.

Heavy praise indeed — this is the definitive LFA Nürburgring article, especially when combined with Harris’ earlier video of the lap he describes. Highly recommended reading.

Download the EVO Magazine Feature


  1. Not for nothin', but, this has been on the web for a while I downloaded this months ago........ BD
  2. IT'S THE BEST!!!
  3. Evn

    Fantastic bit of reading. Chris Harris is without a doubt the best automotive journalist currently working.
    • LOL, and if he slammed the car you'd be cursing him.
    • It is not just Lexus. You pick any review he does on any car, he always talks perfect common sense and rationalizes his thought properly. While he still owns a Ferrari 575 Maranello, he was the first ever whistle blower journalist who exposed Ferrari's sleezy manipulation of press cars just to get the perfect numbers and bullying customers to not allow press to test their cars. The result?? Ferrari has now banned Chris Harris from testing any Ferrari. They asked Evo to sign an agreement that they will not let Harris anywhere near the steering wheel while testing the Ferrari FF.
    • My point still stands. All to often a journalist or magazine is criticized for not giving a car from a particular make a glowing review. Who cares what a magazine says? The RX and ES for example are always lambasted for their poor driving dynamics when compared against their rivals but they're the best-selling Lexus products in North America. These are not enthusiast cars (no Lexus is except for the IS-F and LF-A) and the public doesn't care about handling, skidpad numbers and so forth.
    • Fo1

      The whole point of RX& ES is for them to be comfortable, smooth, refined, quiet, good looking and have luxurious interiors.. And they meet these criteria
    • Evn

      I have always loved Chris' work. He is a pure car nut. He loves to drive, he loves the sensation of driving , and tells it like it is. No bias whatsoever. 
  5. it looks like a toyota that got knocked up by a mitsubishi.the japanese could not build a beautiful car if their lives depended on it.CORVETTE ZR1 STILL THE KING!
    • Still delusional are we?? Maybe when the LFA first came out people could speculate or hate, but now I think it has proven its merit many times over... not taking anything away from the ZR1.
    • Comment deleted, please don't feed the trolls. ;-)
  7. Again, remember Lexus LFA did the 7:14 on street tires with a treadwear of 140 meant for longevity and street comfort. None of the other cars below 7:20 did it without racing compound super-slick tires except the Lexus LFA. All of them were wearing Michelin Pilot Cup racing compound tires with factory shaved tread down to only 80. Less tread means a lot more sticky dry grip. Michelin Cup tires are basically street legal version of the racing competition DOT track tires racing cars use in 24-hour endurance races. This way, Lexus LFA is the quickest car ever to have lapped Nurburgring on street tires not meant for racing.
  8. The whole LFA project now I look back on it to me is unbelieveable as with this car they have had no points of reference have done everything in house and have built a car the match of any Super carmaker on the planet at there first attempt I can't really think of to many other automakers that have made such a splash and caused a huge ripple throughtout the market. Kudo's TMC Akio Toyada Haruhiko Tanahashi and everyone involved Toyota/Lexus Engineering at its best.