Lexus UK CT 200h F Sport Photo Gallery

Lexus CT 200h UK

Lexus has announced the 2012 Lexus CT 200h F Sport package for the UK, marking the release with a set of sharply detailed photos:

Hard to beat the F Sport package in all black — the only thing that’s missing is some gun-metal chrome trim.

Find out more about the UK’s CT 200h F-Sport Package


  1. I've seen plenty of CT200's driving around in Sydney, Australia lately..
  2. I'd be a lot more interested in the USA-market F-Sport CT if it looked like this one. Besides the wheel color, and the grill, the USA-market CT is practically identical to the regular CT. F-Sport should automatically come with forged aluminum wheels - not just re-painted standard wheels.
  3. All it's missing is a 0-60 time under 6 seconds.
  4. Please Lexus, but in a little bigger engine. It is not fun to have a car that looks so nice, but go so slow... Put in the camry hybrid engine with 200hp, or a new 1.6-1.8l turbo engine...PLEAESE!!!!!
  5. looks good... I can picture some nice whiter leather seats in this baby...
  6. Love that car, and fuel efficient too.
  7. Just bought a spacesaver wheel fo my CT, spacesaver!! thats a joke there's nowhere to put it, I'm sure those brains at Lexus that we are always being told about in Lexus ads. could design this in to this great little car and why do UK supplied CT's not have a spacesaver wheel as is required by law in some other European countries, LEXUS-- the UK is in the EU or did you not know that