Paul McCartney Uses Lexus LS 600hL in Weekend Wedding

Lexus LS 600hL Paul McCartneyIn a stroke of luck for Lexus, the dark maple red LS 600hL given to Paul McCartney in 2008 was featured front & center at the Beatle’s wedding this weekend to American heiress Nancy Shevell.

This marks the second headline wedding this year that a LS 600hL has been the chosen mode of transport — earlier this year, a custom built LSh Landaulet was used for the wedding of Prince Albert & Charlene Wittstock.

See more from the McCartney Wedding (Thanks Jeremy & Wooski!)


  1. Can't blame him.. I'm gonna go ahead and say that the LS series from Lexus is the finest car in the world?? 
    • You'll get no argument from me. :-)
    • Personally I haven't tried out the LS600HL but I've been in it and boy is it fantastic.. Sure there is some plastic, I'm sure even rolls Royce has plastic but Lexus uses nice soft touch plastic.. And the wood work? Lexus easily outclasses the rolls Royce wood.. Ride comfort and silence I'm sure Lexus has RR beat..
    • I've read an old Car & Driver review of the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph, where they compared it to the '98 LS400 & If I recall correctly they mentioned the LS had a superior ride & refinement.
  2. The pre-facelift LS600hL is still a beauty & Paul McCartney would do well to cherish it for a long time. Looking at the new GS I get the feeling the next gen LS may not be able to surpass this car for sheer luxury & interior ambience. I'm going to wait a few years & try to get a used 2009 LSh (hopefully) 
  3. Baby you can drive my car.    Oh,come on! Somebody was bound to say it!   ;-)
  4. Where's Krew?!