Edmunds Inside Line Review of the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition

Lexus LFA Nürburgring EditionWe’ve read about the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition on its namesake track from an owner’s perspective, and now journalist Andrew Frankel has a writeup at Inside Line with a sparkling review of a very similar experience.

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(Andrew Frankel also put together two videos for Autocar, one a video review of sorts, and the other his actual lap on the Nürburgring.)


  3. As I said there many time, VERY well written review. The right amount of respect, and perspective. With it's record-breaking performance, it deserves some extra love BD
    • Very true. A car that is centered around the visceral feel, experience and driving dynamics also holds the record on the most difficult and technical track in the world when its primary goal is not even running the numbers is nothing short of a marvellous achievement.
    • I second that. Black dynamite has an awesome presence there especially in terms of beating some sense into ignorant and stupid haters. At first, the excuse for haters was that LFA is not quick enough. Now that it has proven it is one of the quickest exotic supercars of all times, the excuse for hating has changed to LFa being overpriced even when it is faster than many cars that cost three times as much (bugatti veyron)
    • Funny place, the Internet....... Left Lane News and Inside Line has millions of Toyota/Lexus hatersAutospies has plenty of Toyota/Lexus love!Like the song says, all you need is love, love.......Love is all you need!BD
  4. As I said there many time, VERY well written review. The right amount of respect, and perspective. With it's record-breaking performance, it deserves some extra love BD
  5. I had recently sent an email to Lexus USA to never reward MotorTrend with another LFA to test. They recently were given the privilege by Lexus to test the LFA (#032) against other cars and their assessement was highly unfair, biased and completely out of line with nearly every other review has said. They admitted their other test driver Justin Bell was masterful with the LFA, but continued to say Randy Pobst does not feel it is a "driver's car", which is ludicrous since LFA is all about driver oriented dynamics. I would pledge other people to send email to Lexus USA as well to never reward MotorTrend with an opportunity to test the LFA since they don't deserve it. We need to make sure MotorTrend never gets another LFA to test. Standard or Nurburgring. Help me guys. We need to get more emails so that Lexus understands that MotorTrend's main goal was to denigrate Lexus' efforts.
    • YES---I did take the time to send the editor my sme thoughts---i even pulled my monthly subscription that same day----MT is nuts----too biased for me.
    • Thanks. I hope other people send emails to Lexus USA as well in order to give them a heads up MotorTrend making a mockery out of the LFA by saying it is even less driver's oriented than a Boss 302 Mustang. That is laughable and they should be slapped in their faces.
    • Really? When did MT say that ??! Gasp what a shame on their part. . .
    • "Driver's car competition 2011" article. They placed Lexus LFA a very low 9th out of 11 cars despite Lexus LFA running Laguna Seca as quick as Ferrari 458 Italia despite being on the most mediocre tires. They said LFA's biggest problem was its tires, which were the weakest in the group when most cars were wearing R compound tires. Still, LFA has driver oriented dynamics and that is what it was built for, yet the moron Randy Pobst claims LFA was too scary for him. Even Justin Bell could not convince him otherwise. The whole article was laughably bad.
    • Please remember to send Lexus USA an email. I don't want to see MotorTrend ever get their hands on LFA ever again. Especially, the Nurburgring edition  whenever it is tested by the press.
    • What do you expect? Randy drives american cars for a living, they know absolutely nothing of driving dynamics. All they know is slap a truck engine into a plastic vette and call it a day
    • Hey Rolla you can't keep everyone happy mate that guy Randy Probst is probably the only pro driver I have seen who hasn't said the LFA is a drivers car,but hey thats all good as guys liike Justin Bell Tiff Needell Chris Harris Ben Collins aka the old STIG Dickie Meaden Timo Glock and other such pro drivers have raved about the driving experience so really when you think of it that one bad review doesn't make a bad opinion of what the car is when you consider just about everyone else raves about its performance and driving experience.
  6. The LFA just keeps making me more and more proud. But I wont rest untill I see a LFA with 600 hp :)
    • You will see a 600+ HP LFA it will be I would say debuting at a LeMan Race in the very near future is my guess it probably won't be running the V-10 probably a worked V-8 a 2UR motor of some description I suspect a worked version of what they are running in there homegrown Super GT series in Japan. I just hope they crush the Vettes when they run at this event.
    • I doubt LFA will ever have an IS-F engine. It is the main highlight of the car and was born out of racing. For the Le Mans race, a bored out 5.0 Liter version of LFA engine is a possibility to fulfill the GT2 requirements. However, power will be no more than 475 HP much like the SP8 Gazoo LFA.
  7. Watch 2012 Lexus LFA to the dyno and then off to the test track to find out how well it performs. http://liveoncampus.com/wire/show/697178