Lexus LFA vs. Go-Kart

How’s this for a setup? German TV show GRiP recently featured a Lexus LFA going up against a twelve-year-old girl racer in a go-kart. Definitely worth watching even if you don’t speak a word of German:

Certainly a highly-entertaining race, if a little nerve-wracking — there’s a serious weight difference between the two that just made me wince a couple times in the home stretch. My favorite part? The girl’s name is Carrera Hack. So awesome.


  1. WHOA! AHAHAH AWESOME! btw, I just downloaded the last episode of Top Gear USA, and there were much more to the LFA than what we saw. I only skimmed through it, but I'm pretty sure that the LFA wasn't sent around the track, which I don't know why. I specifically remember seeing the LFA on the track when I went to the live taping of the first episode!!!
  2. Hit Girl in a go-cart!
  3. So ... if this is in Top Gear UK , the conclusion is will be : "Don't spent 375k but a Lexus LFA , just hired that girl with a Go-Kart" . But anyway , I know the LFA will lose since it doesn't have Slick & not as light as a Kart ... but it's really an awesome race though !
    • It is not about the weight. It is about the width of the car and the length of the car, which requires going lock-to-lock on such a tightly go-kart distance slaloms. Ofcourse, slaloms setup for cars are placed at larger distances where LFA blasts through at 75.2 mph.
    • The Kart have much lower center gravity , slightly better weight distribution ... plus with slick , and Lexus LFA looks like a elephant at the end of the slaloms .
  4. very cool post! thanks for adding the video!
  5. she looks like the girl from Bourne Identity whose parents were killed in that hotel...
  6. also its pretty obvious they created a slalom type course which would favor the go-kart since it requires low speed on the heavy super car. If it was a regular track with straights, the LFA would have taken it. 
  7. Amazing! You're right even if you don't speak german you have a very good idea what he must be saying the whole time.
  8. The track race is not to be taken seriously at all. He was going less than 40 mph through slaloms even after getting miles ahead of the go kart in the drag race. The slaloms were at go kart distances that were setup so tightly that an extremely wide car with a wide track like LFA cannot carry much speed through the turns since it has to go complete lock-to-lock. The go kart being very small needed very little lock to turn through the slaloms and hence could carry much more speed. In a proper car slalom set up at distances fit for the width and length of a car as standard for cars, Lexus LFA's slalom speed is 75.2 mph (Insideline) where LFA would have destroyed the go kart through the slaloms. 
  9. I do hope the girl didn't actually drive the LFA at the end of the video. I mean,imagine driving an LFA at the age of twelve and then having to spend the rest of your life finding every other car you drive a bit anticlimactic... ;-)