Vintage Top Gear Review of the 1993 Lexus GS 300

This brief 1993 Top Gear review of the first-generation Lexus GS 300 is a great illustration at just how far both the show and the car have come:

What a brutal review — I’m pretty sure Quentin Willson didn’t have a single positive thing to say about the GS 300 outside of its price.


  1. I've just realize Aristo & GS is quite rare in my area , only one 1st gerenation , about 3 2nd generation & around 10 3rd generation only ... people here are more into something like Benz & Bimmer .
  2. That car had to have been really lousy! Was this just a rebadged Toyota? The same program - same tester - did a test of The LS 400 with top-results.
    • I have this episode of TG, Wilson gave the 1998 LS400 a great review which was also accompanied by the Mark 2 GS300. I guess the Mark 1 GS was hastily conceived just to fill the price slot of the original LS400 which was increasing & probably to compete with the BMW 5-series.
  3. 1 week to go...
  4. Damn, she is hot!!!!  I'll be watching this again with some lotion. :D
  5. Damn, she is hot!!!!  I'll be watching this again with some lotion. :D
  6. Nice to see Jeremy Clarkson with lots of hairs ... XD
  7. What a coincidence, I was just reading the owner's manual of this car yesterday. It's still a decent looker & was designed by Italdesign, not merely some 'computers' as Quentin Wilson says. Note that this GS came with fully power adjustable seats, steering & mirrors but no memory function which is now available in every Lexus, I think. Says a lot about progress...
  8. ....Also this GS is based on the Jaguar Kensington concept sedan by Italdesign which was rejected by Jaguar & given to Lexus.
  9. The JZS14x was a hasty rebadge. It was a JDM Toyota thru & thru.
  10. A great car. Great design. Mine has over 200 000 miles on it