Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition Laps Nordschleife in 7:22.85

Right before we jump into coverage of this weekend’s Nürburgring 24h race, a new video has surfaced showing Team Manager Akira Iida taking a Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition around the Nordschleife in 7:22.85 (be warned, the video is not of the highest quality):

While there’s some important details left to discover, a time of 7:22.85 would put the LFA Nürburgring Edition in some very elite company, and good enough for the 10th fastest lap by a production car on the all time list.

More details as they become available.

Update: This video was being shown at the Nürburgring 24h race alongside the LFA Nürburgring Edition display.

Update II: I’ve been told that this video isn’t an “official” lap time, but instead just a warm up to a possible official attempt later this year.

(Thanks David!)


  1. Damn it slower than Z06 ... but I DON'T care !
    • I'll applaud GM for its dramatic improvements in the Z06, but we all know that it has nothing on the LFA! I'd like to see one driver take each car around the Ring in similar conditions!
    • But it's faster than a lot of cars that cost more, cars that people turn their nose at the LFA's price and say they would buy instead
    • You do realize Z06 and ZR-1 did those laps on the new generation super slick tires Michelin Pilot Spot Cup tires. These are the new OEM tires that both cars offer. Lexus LFA was NOT on super slick tires. It was wearing the RE70 Potenza street tires that are OEM tires on the Nurburgring LFA edition, which are extreme street performance tires, but still far from super slick racing tires.
    • Thanks for the tip! I was wondering about that!
    • Good point ! I posted this time in some forum , Corvette & GT-R fanboys keep shooting me ... ... I'm waiting to see LFA have EVEN BETTER time on Nur !
  2. doesnt this race version of the lfa only has 490 hp or something like that ,,,,,the only mods are aeros ,,,so if this is the case ,I believe that it could be faster ,maybe faster then the zo6 ..
  3. LFA hit 293 km/h on the last straight. That is incredible. Also, remember it was done on Potenza RE70 tires, which are street performance high grip tires while ZR-1 and Z06 both ran those laps on super slick Michelin Pilot Cup tires. These tires are standard equipment tires on these models now. LFA's lap time is not comparable to those tires since Michelin officially claims a 4.5% improvement in lap times with the super slick racing tires.
  4. The z06 and Zr1 tires are not "super" slick, but "semi" slick, the RE070 are also semi slick tires, the Michelins the Corvettes ran with are engineered specially for  Corvettes so performance is optimized, but great time by the LFA with all the upgrades to the car, good to see Japan doin well with this car, I always knew it had more potential than the GT-R (just my opinion)
    • Oh Please!!! Read up the Michelin brochure and understand how tires work. The LFA Nurburgring edition tires are comparable to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Not the cup tires.  I acquired a lot of knowledge about tires so please do not insult my intelligence. Michelin Cup tires have minimal  groves, no channels to dissipate water. They are all out race track super slick tires.  No way on God's earth a Z06 will ever perform better than the LFA Nurburgring edition. LFA has all the advantage in the world. No they are track DOT competition tires. They are full out super slick tires called Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires. They are the same tires used on the Porsche GT2 RS. Full out super slick tires. Period. Here you can see clearly they are categorized as "Track Dot Competition" tires. They are exactly the same tires being used on the Z06 and ZR-1. The LFA Nurburgring edition are only high grip street tires called "Extreme performance tires". Read carefully:
    • There yous sound like a fanboy, " No way on God's earth a Z06 will ever perform better than the LFA Nurburgring edition. LFA has all the advantage in the world." I am fully aware of what the tires are, and they are street legal race tires yes. The link you posted said nothing about the tires that the Corvette team designed for the Z06 and ZR1. Please read here . Also the Z06 was only able to complete one lap of the Nurburgring while the ZR1 was able to complete 2 laps. I'm not saying that If that was a warm up lap for the LFA, that it could not beat the Z06, but just bear in mind the extreme performance and the price the Z06 comes at!
    • Normally, I would shut this down, but if the two of you can minimize the personal insults, I'm interested to find out what the true answer to this tire question is.
    • Normally, I would shut this down, but if the two of you can minimize the personal insults, I'm interested to find out what the true answer to this tire question is.
    • Actually the Tires on the GT2 RS are NOT the same as the tires used on the ZR1 and ZO6 so maybe you need to learn a few more things. The tires used on the ZO6 & ZR1 are N1 Sport Cups and the tires used on the the GT2 RS are the N2 tires which are even more aggressive than the N1s. I have been following and working on Corvettes for 28 years so lets not travel down the road regarding Corvettes unless you are a GM engineer.
  5. がんばって!LFA
  6. Just an update: I've been told that this video isn't an "official" lap time, but instead just a warm up to a possible official attempt later this year.
    • Thanks krew. I am so excited to see the video of the official attempt. The sound of Nurburgring edition at 9500 rpm is truly what I am interested in. I know for a fact that Nurburgring edition is far more capable of quicker "under 7:20" times as Lexus had delicately put it a while back.
  7. Thanks for the info, krew. This is good news. I sincerely hope it breaks the ZR1's time by a big margin.
  8. I won't be impressed at all since the car is 445K to own compared to a fully loaded ZR1 near 125K. The difference is a home in any nice area of Long Island, NY and ridiculously large homes in some states.
    • The difference in the quality of the interior, amenities, luxuries, usage of carbon fiber tub for the chassis of the Lexus LFA, ofcourse the driving experience and also how well balanced LFA is, also amounts to a nice home in Long Island NY. Lexus LFA is more than just about numbers. It is about everything a car offers to the driver.
  9. I'm not claiming to be a Michelin engineer or anything, but the Z07 equipped Z06 and the ZR1 are running Michelin Pilot Sport Cup ZP tires. I believe the ZP stands for Zero Pressure, which I'm guessing would probably make the tire stiffer and possibly less sticky than a normal Cup tire. Either way, we need to stop being such biased fan boys and embrace the competition between manufacturers. The fact that a sub 100k sports car is eluding the 375k+ LFA just means that Toyota will be forced to continue improving their breed. As long as manufacturers keep one-upping each other, the benefits will continue to trickle down to us consumers!
    • Making them "run flat" does not make them any less "super slick". If you look at the Michelin brochures, traction rating in the dry for both ZP and standard cup tires is the same. The ZP are more expensive.
    • Lexus had officially released the statement that this is not the quickest LFA is capable of and the Nurburgring laps "under 7:20", which will be attempted in the next few months.
  10. I would like to point out this ...Top Gear lap time ( slicks banned )  for 2012 GTR 1 min 17.8...Corvette ZR1 1 min20.4 ( a staggering 17 places below the GTR ) ..Z06 1min 22.4 ( a whopping 28 down fron the Nissan ) and the Lexus LFA 1min 22.8 ( 30 places below the Nissan ) Looks like when all 4 are on road legals, the GTR absolutely annihilates them all. When the GTR starts cheating like the others then we will see some simply staggering lap times from a family car thats 500 lb heavier and 153 bhp less than the ZR1 and not made out of plastic. Taking these facts, the GTR is simply an amazing car 
    • What is your point?? You are clueless! No one cares. Check your facts first. Lexus LFA's 1"22 is incomparable with those other laptimes you are putting because LFA ran that lap in SOAKING WET conditions while those other cars ran in the complete dry. Also, the track format has changed and Ben Collins is no longer the Stig (a new Stig is in his place). For one, LFA does not come with semi-slick tires (since it is a daily drivable exotic supercar) that the GTR's Dunlop GT Maxx DSST 500 tires are and any track racer will tell you tires alone can make a huge difference in traction both in a straight line and around the track.
    • In short, lap times are only a small part of the equation, but if you want to see comparison LFA has beaten GTR, ZR1 etc. in many head to head comparisons done by European magazines like AutoBild Germany, Motorsports France etc. There is a reason why more people buy GT3 RS over the GTR (which has dismal sales at the moment) despite the GT3 RS not being any faster than the GTR because it is a far more exciting, involving and rewarding car to drive.
    • GTR annihilates them?? Are you stupid or what?? The LFA ran that lap time with huge puddles of water all over the track. What are you smoking??? I could post a tons of scans, articles and comparisons where LFA destroyed the GTR, but it is completely pointless because the way you bench raced your way through your post clearly shows level of immaturity and lack of understading of what pure passion, emotion, excitement and thrills of driving an exotic supercar like LFA means that was derived from an F1 racing car.
    • MD

      Comparing a very wet lap of the LFA with dry laps of other cars also with different Stigs (Ben Collins for the old Stig) and a slightly changed track layout?? If the car enthusiast industry depends on morons like you then the supercar/exotic car business is doomed.
    • I have no idea why you think this matters to Lexus enthusiasts. Let's just close this thread and move on.