Imagining a Lexus CT Convertible

Master photochopper Theophilus Chin has created the super-cute Lexus CT 200h Convertible:

Lexus CT 200h Convertible Front

Lexus CT 200h Convertible Rear

Despite the fact that the roof/hybrid battery combination would leave zero trunk room with the top down, I really like the idea of a CT Convertible. There’s something about hybrid technology and convertible mentality that just seems to fit together — long trips with the top down, that sort of thing. It seems like such a great match, I’m surprised it hasn’t been done yet.

It doesn’t hurt that Theophilus’ rendering is so spot on — I really recommend looking the full resolutions, the Photoshop work is flawless.

[Source: Theophilus Chin] (Thanks John Smith!)


  1. CT-F Coupe please ;)
  2. Rear shot looks too much like a peugeot 206 convertible to me 
  3. Here's another very good photoshop from Theophilus Chin. 
  4. Imagining President Obama's next limo: 
  5. That interior is so not Lexus..
  6. That interior is so not Lexus..
  7. That interior is so not Lexus..
  8. Golf interior in the rear pic!! :-)
  9. I think its great that as Lexus Fans we plant these seeds to TMC so their might incorporate some of these Ideas when planning  for their next Product launch or Design.