What should be the next Lexus F Model?

Lexus F Marque Badge

We already have the IS-F, and it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ll see a GS-F, but which Lexus model should come next? Let’s poll it out:

My first instinct was to go for a CT-F — that car with the 3.5L 2GR-FSE V6 would be so fantastic, and it’s hardly an unprecedented move with both BMW & Audi having high performance versions of their C-Premium models — but in the end I have to go with the LS-F.

The LS is the first Lexus and the model with the most history, and I think that taking it to that next level shows just how strongly Lexus believes in F program. I’ll admit that high sales volume is unlikely, but that’s not what these high performance variants are about — it’s all prestige and speed.

What’s your vote?

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  1. Redo IS-F with V6 Turbo, imo.
    • You know, it's more likely we'll see a second-generation IS-F before we'll see any of the models listed in this survey.
  2. PG

    I don't know about a CT-F... problem is that it's front-wheel drive. Not sure that platform can handle 300+ hp, unless Lexus takes the Audi route and manages to squeeze in all-wheel drive. If it was rear-wheel drive, I would have picked a CT-F in a heartbeat!
    • This is something I didn't really consider -- makes a CT-F doesn't make much sense unless they do develop an AWD system. The need for such a significant adjustment makes it less likely.
  3. CT-F  Rear-wheel drive with a 5.0L 416 horsepower V8.
  4. how about a RX-F, lowering springs, tightened suspension, 20" wheels, front scoop under the nose, better front grille, and can take the kids to soccer practice in no time flat
  5. RX-F makes the most sense as M63 and X5 M are strong sellers. RX is also the bread and butter Lexus so why not? The best for marketing would be a roadster. Z4, Boxer, TT-RS, and SLK are fun cars that are "afforadable" compared to LFA.
  6. no love for the GS-F?
    • I didn't include the GS because it's a sure thing -- I wanted to find out what everyone thought should be next.
    • Hey Krew----I wondered if you have seen the new GS-F advertsiement yet?  I live in the Houston Metro and a brand new billboard just popped up here and it shows the partial view of the GS-F with the 3 projector lights front fascia that we have seen since April. The billboard reads PIE IN THE SKY? The shot is similar to one that you have posted on this web----Quarter shot of right front end. Any idea if this is an early ad campaign for fall realease?    Any other large cities seeing the same yet? Houston is a huge Lexus market.
    • Hi Mike, I have a feeling it's related to the new marketing campaign: http://lexusenthusiast.com/2011/06/13/new-lexus-engineering-amazing-marketing-campaign/
  7. The problem with all the choices is they're all FWD or AWD...or SUV's or BOTH, with the obvious exception of the LS. I personally think they should get the IS F squared away (read: fast [the IS 350 makes more HP/Liter than the IS F. REALLY!?] , 2 door option [not a convertible, either], and a manual transmission option. [I don't are how fast it shifts, I'd rather do it myself]) first and then concentrate on further F variants. 
    • As I commented above, I think it's more likely we'll see a second-generation IS-F before we see any of models listed -- it would be nice though to have more models in the F lineup, though.
  8. @Matt. Nah, redo IS-F with twin turbo V-8!!
  9. LOL LX F?! Alright!!! GIMME!!! ahahahha I'd seriously consider one!
  10. I voted CT-F ... but I'd like to see an RX-F as well :D
  11. I think Lexus should have a model to compare with other European high perfomance luxury full-size sedan like M-Benz S63AMG or Jaguar XJ 5.0SC,and  CT F is important,too.I hope we could see the completed Lexus F performance family like AMG or M-Power and S,RS Line in the future.
  12. I think Lexus should have a model to compare with other European high perfomance luxury full-size sedan like M-Benz S63AMG or Jaguar XJ 5.0SC,and  CT F is important,too.I hope we could see the completed Lexus F performance family like AMG or M-Power and S,RS Line in the future.
  13. I think the LS F makes the most sense. Obviously having a $100k+ high performance sedan would add more prestige to the brand than a $45k high performance hatchback (ie CT F). I hope they eventually make both though ;D 
  14. I doubt LEXUS can make the GS-F out handle an IS-F. The body would be longer and wouldn't "stick" the same as an IS-F. (And I raced the IS-F on a race track). The horsepower could be more, the take off and 0-60 could be better, but in the turns, I would rather have a IS-F,(and at a lower price). A LS-F would be against everything that our flagship sedan stands for. The LS Sport is mostly "looks". The tightened suspension and Brembos don't change much about the car. To go all the way would depart from the "quintessential LS460 qualities"
    • Only see two things 'suffering', and only 1 is a disadvantage which would be the ride, the other is sound. Supercharged 550+hp, 500+ ft/lb V8. :)
    • An F-version of the LS may go against everything the LS-line stands for, but in some ways that's exactly what Lexus needs. People who like BMW's and Audi's probably won't consider an LS because, despite being impeccably made, it's extremely boring to drive. But I think if Lexus builds an LS F that has all the luxuries and build quality of the LSh but is much faster and more fun to drive, it will be a success. 
    • Lexus has broken many of their own rules many times for the better. I would welcome the LS F with my arms opened wide!
  15. RX for sure... BMW and porsche need some competition 
  16. i was voting for the ES-F!! :-) Reason? As Toyota unveiled there TRD lineup in Australia - before the global crisis in 2008 - they had an Aurion TRD in there lineup. Which sold pretty well...so i guess such a car like this under the Lexus brand would be a good seller in some markets e.g. US market or the middle east.
  17. In fact I would like to see many other models in the F range, in the begining can be LS-F and GS-F, but my question is, they're ready to begin with this? I mean, there's a objective public to this? and where? By the way, I also would like to see the restyling of SC models, but not with the current style of Lexus, the L-Finesse, so with the ancient SC design.
  18. I say SC-F, or IS-F coupe. Lexus absolutely needs a decently affordable F coupe to capitalize on the halo effect of the LFA. Lexus also desperately needs a GS F, but I think we all know that is coming.
  19. Jay

    I voted for the RX-F. Performance sedans and coupes are nice, but a performance oriented RX would diversify the "F" series lineup. Not to mention having something to go head to head with the ML 63 and Porsche Cayenne.
  20. Lexus might offer an F badge for the LS..since high powered sedans are now a norm..take for example the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes Benz S55 AMG...
  21. CT is out now, has some buzz, and is definitely in need of more power, so I voted CT The new LS is more than a year away, and I wouldn't put out a high-speed variant for another year after it's launch BD