Next-Generation Lexus IS & IS-F Poll Results

Lexus IS Variant Poll Results

The results are in from last week’s poll question: Would you rather have a next-generation Lexus IS coupe, sedan, hybrid sedan, convertible or wagon?

Lexus IS Sedan, Coupe, Hybrid Sedan, Convertible Wagon Results

I expected the IS coupe to run away with this poll, but there’s plenty of interest in a hybrid sedan — I know it was my personal pick, but I was surprised by its second place finish. The IS wagon was a late edition to the poll, yet still managed to beat out the convertible option, which finished last with only 6.9% of the votes.

Here are the results for the second bonus question: IS-F Coupe or Sedan?:

Lexus IS-F Coupe or Sedan Poll Results

This wasn’t even close — and for good reason, really. A two-door IS with a 400+ hp engine is a perfect match, and it’s hardly shocking that it beat out the IS-F sedan by such a wide margin.

Thanks for voting everyone!


  1. Seems like many people wanted a 3-series coupe & M3 rival ...
  2. I do hope someone at Lexus takes note.  And gives me the job as test driver for the ISF Coupé.  ;-)
  3. The convertible probably would've finished higher if one didn't exist at the moment.
  4. I'll say it again, Lexus better be reading your blog krew! Coupe should have come out before the convertible!! 
  5. Personally I won't own a coupe being a family man and all but I do want it to exists 
  6. A coupe based on the sedan style is a bit of a bore. C class and 3 series coupe is boring. How about something like the Infiniti G37 or the Audi A5/S5? Coupes should be sports cars. Anyone like the idea of a IS based roadster?
  7. I think that Lexus should pay attention to many european buyers who think that models like familiar models, Touring in the BMW catalog or Avant in Audi, are importants. Time ago (I don't remember, but I think it was in 2001 or 2002) Lexus has in their range a IS300 'SportCross'. This model was totally awesome, but have not good luck in Europe, maybe because there was not enough publicity and Lexus was not very famous like now. So yes, my vote is for IS Wagon.
    • Well, there was a rumor that Lexus would be bringing back the IS SportCross with the next generation: I certainly hope it's true!
    • Agreed!  They could easily  have designed a beautiful station wagon for the current model.  There needs to be a more complete model range to match up with BMW /Audi/ Merc if Lexus ever want to compete in terms of vehicles sold.    Also they better make the saloon more practical/useful next generation - its just common sense!    Simple things like a bigger boot/trunk with split fold rear seats.  Allow us to have a 350 (and AWD) in UK/Europe.   -   And controversially do we have to have rear wheel drive???
  8. 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013! That is 8 years total! IS line is supposed to be remodel in 2012!!! What is happening!? I do not want a overprice 2012 BMW 3 serie M sport that breaks down at less than $100k! why are we letting these Bimmers stepping all over us? I loved my IS350 until it's totalled so I have every right to be angry. I'm dying to drive a new car. I went to watch MI4 IMAX and Bimmers were everywhere in the entire movie! What is Lexus marketing strategy? I need a hug....