Next-Generation Lexus IS & IS-F Poll Results

Lexus IS Variant Poll Results

The results are in from last week’s poll question: Would you rather have a next-generation Lexus IS coupe, sedan, hybrid sedan, convertible or wagon?

Lexus IS Sedan, Coupe, Hybrid Sedan, Convertible Wagon Results

I expected the IS coupe to run away with this poll, but there’s plenty of interest in a hybrid sedan — I know it was my personal pick, but I was surprised by its second place finish. The IS wagon was a late edition to the poll, yet still managed to beat out the convertible option, which finished last with only 6.9% of the votes.

Here are the results for the second bonus question: IS-F Coupe or Sedan?:

Lexus IS-F Coupe or Sedan Poll Results

This wasn’t even close — and for good reason, really. A two-door IS with a 400+ hp engine is a perfect match, and it’s hardly shocking that it beat out the IS-F sedan by such a wide margin.

Thanks for voting everyone!