Rumor: Lexus Working on LFA II

Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition

According to Japanese magazine Best Car (by way of leblogauto), Lexus is now working on a new LFA special edition meant to be even more performance-oriented than the Nürburgring Edition package.

Currently codenamed the LFA II , Best Car believes that this new variant will be limited to 100 units, and will feature modification to the exterior, interior and engine.

From my understanding, Lexus has promised LFA owners that there will be no more than 500 LFAs, so the fact that there will be at least a 100 units of this LFA II suggests that this will be a significant upgrade.

Of course, this is a rumor that’s gone from Japanese to French to English, so it’s hard to say what’s true at all.

(The magazine also mentions that all 50 of the LFA Nürburgring package have been sold.)

Update: Here’s the original Best Car article:

Best Car LFA II Article

[Source: Best Car via leblogauto]


  1. Hmmm, less weight, 600+HP, more torque = New Word to be added to the Webster dictionary. Perfecter , taking something that is perfect and making it more so.
  2. I've updated the post with the original article from Best Car, thanks to David Hayter.
  3. Wish I could justify one of these as a DD!
  4. Try and get he weight down to 3000 pounds. 622 horsepower would be nice, plus try and manage to get it to hit 210-215 mph and doing 0-62 mph in 3.3 seconds without the launch control. Now that be worth $375000.
  5. Just like Veyron ... they have regular Veyron , some special scheme , GrandSport (Targa_ & SuperSport (fastest one) . So , I assume Lexus would made regular LFA , some special scheme LFA , the LFA Nur (currently one) and LFA GT or so .
  6. LFA Naruse Edition
    • thats exactly what it should be called i was a bit surprised with the naming of the nurburg edition i would've thought they would've gone with Naruse but maybe they had this planned instead for his name
  7. i believe that have a relation with the post that say LOTUS will be in TOYOTA stable soon so , i think LOTUS may tweak the engine to 700hp remember they tweak the LEXUS IS-F engine from 416hp to 620hp
  8. Awesome! Lexus already proved that they can create a very engaging, driver-focused supercar that qualifies as an enthusiast's sportscar. So I want Lexus to make LFA II have a little more luxury and power. From direct injection to keyless entry to an adjustable suspension - all extremely welcomed updates that'll make huge differences! Perhaps the designers can be a little more creative for this one, and the engineers should find ways to decrease drag for high-speed runs, such as adding an adjustable rear wing (drag racing is an understated way to show off - and the "safest"). And the price? $300k if not less - justifiable price in many ways.
  9. LFB? hahahaha ;)
  10. direct injection and dual clutch
  11. PG

    The transmission is about the only thing the LFA gets criticized for (apart from the price). A dual clutch unit would trim its 0-60 times and bring it to eye-level with its competitors. Lexus could also add some horsepower, a number starting with 6 certainly wouldn't be bad...
  12. Tthe Lexus LFA II will have the same horsepower as the Nurburgring package from what I have seen. Although, I'm baffled whether or not this LFA II will be more of a track ready car than the Nur package since only 50 Nur will be produced versus LFA II's 100. Either one is more exclusive but less performance-ready than the other (like the Spec-V in a way) or just an upgrade entirely from the standard LFA as its "basic" model or? If 100 of them are being produced, I hope at least some of them will make its way to the FIA GT series to compete. Here is hoping the LFA II gets more hp bump (600+) and atkins diet to dominate its competing rivals. 
  13. Lexus LFA  GT1 Edition
  14. Well I think that this car will updated like Ferrari or Lamborghini do, with a special preparation, Challenge Stradale or Superleggera. Lexus is doing a good job with all of their models, so with LFA should do the same and not forget this model as did with the SC430.