Rumor: Lexus Working on LFA II

Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition

According to Japanese magazine Best Car (by way of leblogauto), Lexus is now working on a new LFA special edition meant to be even more performance-oriented than the Nürburgring Edition package.

Currently codenamed the LFA II , Best Car believes that this new variant will be limited to 100 units, and will feature modification to the exterior, interior and engine.

From my understanding, Lexus has promised LFA owners that there will be no more than 500 LFAs, so the fact that there will be at least a 100 units of this LFA II suggests that this will be a significant upgrade.

Of course, this is a rumor that’s gone from Japanese to French to English, so it’s hard to say what’s true at all.

(The magazine also mentions that all 50 of the LFA Nürburgring package have been sold.)

Update: Here’s the original Best Car article:

Best Car LFA II Article

[Source: Best Car via leblogauto]