Lexus IS on Vossen VVS-CV3 Wheels

Check out these photos of a Lexus IS decked out in a set of Vossen VVS-CV3 wheels:

Lexus IS with Vossen VVS-CV3 Wheels Bird's Eye'

Lexus IS with Vossen VVS-CV3 Wheels Side Profile

Lexus IS with Vossen VVS-CV3 Wheels 3/4

The wheels are 20×9 on the front and 20×10.5 in the rear, and make for a nice enough pattern, but it was the roof that caught my eye — what a great look.

(These photos are from Anthony Anderson, and were originally posted on the Vossen Wheels Flickr account.)

Update: Just found out there was a video to go along with these photos — check it out:


  1. wow i like the roof sooooooooooo much about the wheels i can feel that 19 will give it much more better look 
  2. Awesome! I painted my roof satin black and my wife gave me hell for wasting $$ on that. Women will NEVER understand.
    • I can't say for sure, but I would imagine it would be possible to wrap just the roof -- though it would probably be just as expensive. ;-)
    • Cheaper for sure, although half ass and i don't do half ass. I hate all these wrapped cars, bet they look like sh!t up close.
    • aha The edges tend to be rippled or potentially rippled. It must be annoying to be the owner guarding a car he wants to show off.
    • Then you open your door or hood and you have the original color in the jams.... tisk tisk..
    • I'd prefer just to have an IS with a OEM panoramic glass roof. :-)
  3. At first glance I almost thought that this IS had a panoramic glass roof like the Ultra-Luxury package available on the ES.  I would love to know for sure if it is painted or a wrap, though.
  4. That is one sweet IS. I wish they could make the mufflers flat on the bottom so they don't hang down below the body.
  5. Ron

    that car make me sick............i very like it.....
  6. Hey for some reason the rear wheels on my is stick out aggressively a little to much anyone know why ?