More Video of the Lexus LFA vs. IS-F Track Meet

Here’s more Lexus LFA & IS-F footage from last weekend’s VMAX event at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds — this time direct from Lexus UK:

There’s no clearer demonstration of the power available to the LFA than seeing it blow by an IS-F going top-speed — and what a choice quote from one of the lucky passengers: “[The LFA] is like a Carrera GT in a dinner jacket”. What a great way to describe the LFA.

(Be sure to check out the previous coverage from earlier in the week.)


  1.  I just want one of them. =(
  2. Beautiful video. However, looking at how LFA's rpms were shaking, it seems like a very rough surface for a car with almost no internal inertia. 
  3. The white interior just makes my heart melt. So clean looking. 
  4. It's just ... amazing !
  5. Track test wise, good news. Lexus LFA set a record of the fastest lap around 'Circuit De Never' in France with a time of 1:20.6 by Motorsports France Magazine. Also, 0 - 1000 meter (0.6 miles or 1 KM): 21.2@ 260 KM/H With launch control system, it takes only a little more than half a mile for Lexus LFA to reach 163 mph. That is very very impressive performance.