Lexus CT in this Weekend’s 6-Hour VLN Nürburgring Race

Gazoo Racing has entered a Lexus CT in the SP4 class for this weekend’s VLN3 42. Adenauer ADAC Rundstrecken-Trophy race at Nürburgring — here’s a look at the CT in its full livery (click for a larger image):

Lexus CT Gazoo Racing Nürburgring

No word if the CT has been modified in any way — Lexus Europe has published a press release, though the only real information is about the participating drivers:

The GAZOO Racing CT driver line-up features three experienced drivers: Ms Kumi Sato, who previously competed with a Lexus IS 250 at VLN4 event in 2008; Mr Masahiko Kageyama, who previously supported vehicle development in Toyota Motor Corporation; and Mr Minoru Takaki, who is responsible for production vehicle development.

This six hour race, which will also have at least one LFA competing as well, can be followed on the VLN website and it’s likely to be available somewhere online — I’ll keep an eye out for a link and will update accordingly.

Update: I missed a Lexus UK press release that included a vital piece of information about the Racing CT — the 1.8L engine was swapped for a 2.4L engine, though all hybrid components stayed the same. Very interesting development.

Update 2: At yesterday’s race, the GAZOO Racing CT came second in the SP4 class behind a BMW 325i — here are some photos of the #217 car, courtesy of Lexus Europe:

Lexus CT Racing Concept 1
Lexus CT Racing Concept 2
Lexus CT Racing Concept 3