Lexus GS-F in 2012?

Lexus LF-Gh

Motor Trend is reporting that a Lexus GS-F version of the next-generation GS will be introduced some time in 2012:

Plans to drop the Lexus LFA’s 552-horsepower, 4.8-liter V-10 into the engine bay of the new Lexus GS-F are off, though the F variant is not. The LFA’s engine, we hear, would have cost “far more than half the price” of the GS-F, which we expect to launch about a year after the ’12 GS line’s late 2011 introduction. The most likely scenario is that the GS-F will get the IS-F’s thoroughly competent 416-horsepower, 5.0-liter V-8, instead, and provide an extra slab of meat to Lexus’ F performance lineup, which now consists only of the IS-F.

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that the LFA engine would add around $75,000 to the price of any car that used it, so it’s not all that surprising to find out that the rumored V10 GS-F is no more — and when you consider that with some tweaks (read: a power bump to 500hp), the 5.0L V8 engine in the IS-F will be more than capable of contending with the BMW M5 & Mercedes E63.

[Source: Motor Trend]


  1. A tweaked version meaning a Bi-turbo setup, then it can stand toe-2-toe with the E63's and the upcoming F10 turbo M5, it may even overstep them. Tweaking that 5.0 V8 is not enough to compete with the likes you described above unless that F gets turbo'd.
  2. I like so much Lexus and it model lineup, but the F range not much. I know that they wanna be in the same level than Mercedes AMG, Audi RS or BMW Motorsport, but... Lexus not should be there, they only must improve the level of luxury and comfort of their cars. Of course is only my idea.
    • Business aspect they have to create a sport variant of for their brand this is necessary to sustain their own base. It also will attract potential buyers that never owned a Lexus before... AMG/M Division has decades in their belt but Lexus will catch up. IMHO, Audi is not even in the converstion... Lastly everyone can always improve but Lexus's level of luxury is already on par with the big 3 from Germany. In a lot of surveys and awards Lexus actually scores the highest in terms of quality and level of luxury. 
    • Yep, I saw that Audi isn't in the conversation, but I introduced this ;) I wanted to say that Audi RS or BMW Motorsport and Mercedes AMG (Brabus, Irmscher, Gemballa, etc.) are specifit preparations of serial cars. If Lexus wanna enter in this segment, must improve so much the results of the IS-F U can like that or not, but who buy that kind of cars, at least here in Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom or Spain, not buy this 'experiments'. I only see the IS-F in the police in UK, not much of this. I prefer a LS600h over an Audi A8, but in a preparation, Audi RS6 or BMW M5... not have rival.
  3. LFA's engine has been unanimously deemed a technological marvel and certainly the best engine in 2010 (Evo UK). It pays homage to the Toyota F1 racing program by being derived from the 2.5 L V10. I am somewhat glad it will remain exclusive to the LFA and will not be license to Lotus or put in another  Lexus car since it is too special to be mass produced. Everything in the engine is unique to itself and shared with no other engine so I hope it stays that way.
  4.  Lexus has said that the next GS range will be all-hybrid. I wonder how that will apply to the GS-F. Perhaps a hybrid drive line where the electric motor will act as a power boost for the internal combustion engine?
  5. The difference will be weight. The E63 is two tons. The M5 will be more like 4400 lbs. If Lexus can keep the GS-F weight around 3700 lbs, it will be able to run with the heavier, but more powerful competition.  The current GS is about 2-400 lighter than the Germans BD
  6. This also tells me the GS lineup may go as follows: GS350 (325HP, 0-60 under 6 seconds, start around $45k) GS450h (400HP, 0-60 around 5.2 seconds, EPA 26-27MPG combined, approaching 2 tons, $55k) GS-F (500HP, V8, similar weight to 350 & ISF, 0-60 about 3.9) That's my best guess BD
  7. Jesus what happened to Lexus?.. I used to remember Lexus was #1 in the 90's and back there it was all about how silent and comfortable you can make the car and Lexus was on top.. So why don't they do that? This car to me looks too sporty to be a Lexus.. Look at the LS460, it's beautiful.. This is not even close
  8. Whoever thought that it would get the LFA's V10 engine was just not thinking straight in their mind.   It's just too exclusive and would have cost too much for a mass production car like the GS.    The only logical way is to get the same 5.0L V8 from the IS-F and perhaps Supercharge/Turbo it would be much better and cost effective way to make reliable 500+hp    
    •  I think at one point it would have made sense, but between the cost & the need for exclusivity with the LFA, I don't think there's any chance we see the LFA engine in anything -- at least for the next couple years.
  10. i think lexus shouldnt of cancel the v-10 for future lexus gs-f.t there so the competition can't compete because bmw's all new m5 is gonig to have a turbocharged v8 producing 560 horsepower,the 2013 audi s6 is going to have a v8 with 550 to 560 horsepower. so would of be better to stick with the v10
  11. GS-F to come out APRIL 2012...