Video Tribute to Hiromu Naruse

Lexus has published a touching video tribute to Toyota Chief Test Driver, Hiromu Naruse:

The very core of Toyota’s sporting hertiage, Naruse-san will be deeply missed by the company and all of its fans. May he rest in peace.


  1. "It's a shame we didn't know much about him until only recently. It was only when we saw a few pictures after an earlier biography and after his passing did we realize that Hiromu Naruse was in many, MANY LFA pictures, videos, and more! The passionate expression on his face is distinguished and unforgettable. RIP Naruse-san" :-)
  2. RDS

    I knew him from the 2000GT & Celica & so ... but not much knowing about his data until recently . He's legend in Toyota !
  3. I do hope Toyota sees his last project through to production:the Aygo-based fr hot-hatch. Can't imagine a better way of honoring his memory.
  4. They should make a special edition Hiromu Naruse LFA. It would sell, guaranteed!8-)
  5. JVX

    Without Naruse's life-long dedication to racing, I don't know where Toyota would stand today in terms of making performance cars. Thank you Mr. Naruse for being a part of it all.
  6. Is James Sloyan back to doing the voice-overs for Lexus?