The Lexus Body Kit Series: RX 330/350/400h

The second part of my Lexus Body Kit Series has been posted, this time with the RX 330/350/400h.

There are some very interesting body kits for the RX, and most have the strange characteristic of making the vehicle look much smaller and car-like. I had to admit some surprise that Toyota themselves are in the game, with their Advanced and Impressive body kits.

My favorite has to be the Wald International Executive:

Wald International Executive RX 330/350/400h Body Kit

The vehicle barely resembles the base model, and I have a particular fondness for the replacement grille.

I was disappointed in the image quality that I found. Why these body kit manufacturers don’t have print-quality graphics, I’ll never know. I’m in contact with the manufacturers, and will be working to replace the smaller images.

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