Photo: Lexus RC 300h in Starfire Pearl

Lexus RC 300h in Starfire Pearl

Lexus Japan is currently showing an RC 300h with a Starfire Pearl exterior at their Midland Square showroom in Nagoya.

This marks the first time the standard RC has been seen in a color other than Infrared, and it looks great in this low-resolution photo — hoping for better images to surface shortly.

[Source: Toyota Showroom Facebook]


  • Paul

    That looks great. The white is a very ‘clean’ color on the car and I really like the wheels too.

  • Rob Grieveson

    Pity about that grille, so big!

  • Lexus Cohen

    This model is actually not bad!

  • once bitten

    Wow maximum wheel arch gap!

  • corradoMR2

    Nice change from the Red. And the wheels too are the first I see of that style.

  • Absolut Sabs

    That’s one proper looking steed! Nice wheels too!