600 Horsepower Lexus RC FS Coming in 2017?

Lexus RC FS Super Speed

More rumors from Motor Trend, this time regarding a special edition ultra-performance Lexus RC F:

In 2017 you can expect to see a super version of the RC F packing the 600-hp twin-turbo V-8. Think of it as an Infiniti Eau Rogue-fighter with a price tag to match — about $120,000. However, since Johan de Nysschen has left Infiniti, it’s doubtful the Eau Rogue will see the light of day. So think of the Super RC F as a C63 AMG Black Series-fighter. Seeing as how the Benz cost about $110,000 and “only” made 510 hp, $10K more for 600 hp (or more) makes sense.

We’re hearing RC FS as the name, with “FS” becoming Lexus’s answer to AMG’s Black Series and (Audi) Quattro GmbH’s RS.

The LFA V10 engine was a blessing and a curse — it made a statement that Lexus was serious about performance, but cost so much money that there was no way to use it another car.

That’s why more than anything here, I hope this 600 horsepower engine rumor is true, and that it’s used in every model where it makes sense (RC, SC, LS, GS).

(One thing I don’t understand — wouldn’t the rumored SC F with this engine be called the SC FS?)

[Source: Motor Trend]


  • Don Colione

    Lol just remember to put some LFA style rims on it if it is built!

  • Don Colione

    Also I think it would be cool if Lexus continued the ‘Nurburgring Edition’ theme they started with the LFA. It could be our version of ‘Black Series’. To see the moniker on future Lexus special editions would be also halo like considering its Nurburgring record as well….

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  • Alex

    A lot of news (or rumors) coming out from Lexus! I hope it’s true! If these are true Lexus could make a big statement with this new engine!

  • LexusTechSA

    Krew, I don’t think they would call it the SC FS if the base model is rumored to have the 450 Hp V8 from the RC F .

  • wasapasserby

    Krew, as you pointed out, MotorTrend’s source(s) aren’t adding up. A V8 only SC lineup with no base engine(s)? SC/RC lineup with inconsistent branding? Three new 500+ hp powertrains?

    I’m remaining skeptical for now until other sites can corroborate MotorTrend’s claims…

  • Erich Kerner

    I can´t wait to see in what kind of direction Lexus is giong the next 2-3 years on some markets. It looks like everything is back on the table at Lexus when we talk about different markets. e.g. the smaller then the NX SUV for Europe….take the Auris in Europe as the basic model and the UK plant for production.

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    SC is a bigger car which makes me feel indeed there are 2 Engines
    the original well known 650 hp
    and this new 600 hp

    so that the 600 hp will be used as (SC F, LS F, GS FS, RC FS, ?C FS(the trio of bmw & toyota), and maybe IS FS)
    and the 650 hp will be used only in SC & LS as (SC FS & LS FS)

    another thing i need to mention
    honestly i am so sad they didn’t put TMG or Nurburgring and just put letter S instead
    even everyone knows that TMG was the one that made the 650 hp engine and i think the 600 hp also

    and i am not need to say what happened to TOYOTA overhaul after start going to Nurburgring or LeMans

  • RAL


  • leopard08

    Well i dont see Lexus twin turbo charging their engine in the RC. I dont see why, remember this engine as it is, it deturned producing less power then it could. I though expect lexus to produce a turbo V6. The V8 RC engine is just way too strong, i doubt lexus would install a turbo on it, just by tweaks alone it can produce up to 500hp matching the LFA power. any further power required, i think that power will come from the LFA 5liter decplacement N/A motor

  • Boris

    I really don’t see the purpose to bring an LS-F and even more an LS-FS.

    The actual LS600h is already enough powerful, make a sporty limo make no sense and I really hope Lexus won’t go this way like mercedes did…

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    it’s the same purpose of S 63 AMG & S 65 AMG comparable to S 600

  • md

    Lfa made 560 – 571bhp and it had an extremely powerband to 9500 rpm. Also, it was extremely light. However it cannot be mad produced some it was partially built in the f1 facility

  • Boris

    Yes but to me those cars are complete nonsense, there is no meanning to build race limousines…

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    it’s the brand prestige
    how many S AMG MB sell yearly not more than 2000 this is far optimistic numbers

    so why MB keep making them, because those what make MB different than BMW or AUDI

    just by those MB is different, and if LEXUS wanna level up the game they must do it

    the chassis already the same no new except pits here and there, the engine is already done and can share this cost by put this engine in every model in the line up, typically as every maker do

    this is why we see the black series C class first of all, to share the cost even before to step the game up because the original C AMG is the most powerful already in it’s category

  • Boris

    The LFA is prestige, a super luxury LS would be prestige, an RC, GS, IS or SC even a CT-FS would prestige.

    To me Lexus is a smart brand that need to build a smart image.
    A luxury limousine is not a race car.

    I hope lexus won’t follow other brands but create his own image…

    But maybe I’m wrong and Lexus should follow what germans brands do.

  • Alex

    I completely agree it is all about prestige and while most people can’t afford the LSF or the LSFS it’s that they have it that makes it important. Lexus has never had the biggest engines and them coming out with bigger engines is exactly what the brand needs. And the LS600h is no where close to as powerful as the German competitors

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    all the time from the beginning of what called luxury cars
    luxury car = big engine, and then all the other main things as calm, and the sound is low and depend of companies between soft and sporty suspension, Hyundai have this engine LEXUS don’t, and this is will not effect that the other calm soft suspension variant, so whom need the soft can choose from the hybrids variant of the normal engines, and whom need the sporty real big engine he can have it also

    what i am saying this will not remove that, this will complete that, a new important variant specially in EUROPE, CHINA & MID-EAST, and also can make LEXUS gain a lot of sales even it didn’t got sold by itself

  • Thomas

    You’re right. Lexus should be Lexus. Lexus should not try to be a copy of BMW and Merc., like so many here seem to think they should.

  • leopard08

    I believe as time goes it can be mass produced for a super car

  • Georgi

    Another very nice evident that there would be RC/RC F/RC FS and SC/SC F, and SC FS won’t exist in my oppinion

  • Georgi

    There is already an established class of the so called “racing limousines” and Lexus obviously wants to steal customers from Audi and Mercedes with their AMGs and RSses i think

  • Georgi

    But the production Eau Rogue and the RC FS will change that, definitely

  • Georgi

    CT FS won’t make its debut until 2020, I reckon. Even a CT F is not likely to be produced soon… Lexus wants the CT to be a hybrid-dedicated vehicle and they say there will be a CT 300h available as well in the next generation

  • Guest


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  • Lexus Cohen

    Take it one step at a time Lexus, get the RC F out, see what the sales are like before making a six figure interpretation.

  • Lexus Cohen

    Johan de Nysschen has left Infiniti, it’s doubtful the Eau Rogue will see the light of day.

  • VossenWheels

    Yes please!! We had a project car C63 Black Series and it was an absolutely incredible drive. A competitor from Lexus would be awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz3fC0CT8rM