Photo Gallery: Ultra White Lexus RC F in California

Lexus RC F in Ultra White

An Ultra White Lexus RC F has been delivered to Lexus HQ in California, and my friend Ryan from Kaizen Factor managed to get a nice collection of exterior and interior photos:

The interior looks great in Roja Red, the exterior looks great in Ultra White — I actually like the RC F more without the full carbon fiber hood, what do you think?

(Thanks Ryan!)


  • Lexus Cohen

    I totally agree, no carbon fibre for me either.

  • Ibrahim Alshamsi

    I just hoped that they would increase the size of the screen… so let down..

    • Thomas

      Are you going to drive it, or look at a screen? That’s right; you’re probably not even in the market for such a car either way!

      • Ibrahim Alshamsi

        So let them remove the screen as well, they will be driving so they won’t be needing it anyway.


        What’s interesting about this car is it does seem to be trying to make shortcuts but they seem to be doing it in the wrong places. My favorite picture here is the engine bay, but it surprises me because it looks so small for it’s huge displacement. Beautiful nonetheless though….


      Thomas you need to STFU. I actually agree that the screen size is too small considering the GS screen is like twice as big and the layout is identical, it should match the same. I also don’t like the the 80’s plastic looking out of place center console either, this definitely could have been done better. This is supposed to be a top tier Lexus and it deserves only the best…

      • Thomas

        Screen is Perfect. Not to small, not to big.

    • Lexus Cohen

      Even though I hardly use the navi on either of my cars, my 14 IS has a tiny screen compared to my 11 IS F.

  • Bobby

    White looks great! I’ll take it!

  • RAL

    better without . . .

  • Travis

    omg thats badass.. and those seats are to die for !! This car is killer just the combo in the pics right on the money.. even the wheels are the best looking set the RCF offer. Thats the best looking engine bay I have seen this side of the LFA.

    • Absolut Sabs


  • Absolut Sabs

    as badass as a real badass!!! i love this coup’ and that white colour speaks to me …those red seats are soooo freakin awesome! …we just got the M3 here in RSA..bring on the RC-F already to kick some butt!!!!!!!

  • kr_metal

    I wish the RC got an option for an IS 250 style grille, where half of it is “lined”.