Video: Focus on the Lexus RC F Design

Lexus RC F on the Track

Designer Yasuo Kajino is the subject in the latest installment of the Lexus RC F Key Person Interview video series:

(The RC F has really benefited from being developed hand-in-hand with the standard RC coupe — the trademark F cues like the side fender vents and the quad stacked exhausts are well integrated into the overall design.)


  • Ibrahim Alshamsi

    I wonder what is happening with the LED lights, why are they removing them from the car.

    • Ozlat

      It’s an option and/or part of a package.

    • corradoMR2

      Yeah, surprised it wouldn’t be standard on the RCF.

  • corradoMR2

    Droool… The tire burnout and engine sounds throughout….! :)

  • Lexus Cohen

    What’s ironic is that Yasuo Kajino looks like the RC F…lol

  • Travis

    The white car with the black C.F. hood and top looks the best it also has a Better stance and wheel option.