Lexus NX Spotted in California Parking Lot

Lexus NX Wild

There are two Lexus NX models at the Lexus USA headquarters in Torrance, California, which means the first photos of the new compact crossover out in the wild:

Seeing the crossover in a more natural setting makes it all the more appealing — very impressed with the grille on the standard NX, and loving the seat stitching pattern.

What do you think?

(Thanks Michael!)


  • Chips

    Cooler than expected´╝ü

  • expoc2

    really digging that standard NX front, hope they launch with an ETA of fall2014, im only waiting for the MPGs of the hybrid… thatll seal the deal

  • DillonD

    What an attractive crossover! Lots of people were skeptical calling it an Evoque-fighter. But now I think it will beat the Evoque without much of a challenge. The grille is so unique; this could be one of the best spindle grilles. It looks nothing like a RAV4 which I appreciate a lot. The crossover market never was truly exciting but the NX has officially changed that! Good job Lexus!

  • Silly people

    So much better in a real life setting versus the promo shots. I might end up being a fan of the baby RX.

  • spwolf

    awesome looking in real life, also first pic without leds… looks great…. thanks

  • corradoMR2

    Loving the Nebula Gray. Base model looks better than expected especially the grill! Lexus please I want to see darker colored F-Sports, not always white (IS, RC…)

  • enthusiast88

    Loving the automatic brake hold!

  • Joshd

    Wish there was more pictures of the F sport…
    Has there been anyway word on the new remote touch?

  • Antwan Jones

    This is such an attractive truck!

  • Mark

    There seem to be at least 3 grills. “All mesh” f-sport, half and half, and no mesh (as in this picture). Anyone know why? Thanks

  • Damon

    Saw this baby in SF today.